Davao resident explains Duterte’s Lingap Para Sa Mahirap Program

photo by photographydavao.blogspot.com
photo by photographydavao.blogspot.com

PHILIPPINES – Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has once again clashed heads with Mar Roxas after a heated exchange in the third and final Pili Pinas 2016 Presidential debate.

During the debate, Duterte accused Roxas of incompetence, saying Davao applied for the Phil Health assistance program that Mar mentioned two years ago, however it failed to materialize.

Mar then countered this statement, daring Duterte to withdraw if he is able to produce names of people from Davao that benefitted from the assistance.

Roxas said: “Mayor Duterte, I dare you. Kung may mapakita akong tao, pangalan, ospital na talagang natulungan sa Davao City, ikaw ba’y aatras?” (If I can show you people, names, hospitals that benefitted in Davao City, will you withdraw your candidacy?).

In response, Ian Enero, who claims to be a resident from Davao, answered the challenge This is what he had to say:

Lingap Para Sa Mahirap Program – Mayor Rodrigo Duterte
by Ian Enero

Yes I understand how Phil Health has helped a lot of Filipinos. But It was just plain wrong for Mar Roxas to brag about it on national TV. 1st of all Mr. Epal Roxas, neither Pnoy nor you established Phil. Health. So you have no fckng right to tell everyone that we owe you or his administration for getting the Phil Health services which we are paying with our hard earned money in the first place.

Because not everyone can avail the services of PHIL HEALTH, the City Government of Davao thru Mayor Duterte was able to come up with a program. It’s called “Lingap Para sa Mahirap”.It’s one of the most praiseworthy programs by our LGU here in Davao.Back in 2014 when the city council approved the 217 million supplemental budget, 37 million pesos of which was allocated for the City’s indigents.

Mayor Duterte justified the huge budget for the Lingap by saying “It is my obligation to help and intervene in the health needs of our people because their last recourse is government, given their economic condition

His critics may find fault in his style of leadership but it’s his genuine concern for those who have less in life is something the Dabawenyos never doubted.

Lingap para sa Mahirap is a program by the City Government of Davao which provide varieties of health assistance such as hospital financial assistance, funeral/burial assistance and pharmaceutical assistance

Hospitalization assistance is provided mainly at the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC), Services provided at the SPMC for qualified indigents include medical support (inpatient hospitalization, medicines, medical supplies, laboratory exams including ultrasound, x-ray, and CT-scan), permanent family planning methods (vasectomy and tubal ligation), and outpatient and emergency cases, as guided by the social worker on duty at the hospital. Hospitalization assistance benefits can also be availed at private hospitals if services at SPMC are not available.

The Lingap program negotiates what it pays to these hospitals in the form of health service contracts. Pharmaceutical assistance is also given to the poor and is operated as a voucher program involving private drugstores. Poor patients are given stubs to claim their medicines at any MurangGamot-affiliated drugstores or at the SPMC hospital.

So Mar Roxas, isang malaking PAK YOU!:) The only thing you have been giving us are DATA/STATISTICS. Anyone can come up with numbers. All you got are papers filled with figures. Baka ang iba dyan gawa gawa mo lang. While you were busy gathering statistics, Mayor Duterte was already helping the less fortunate.

-Ian “The Keyboard Warrior” Enero 🙂

Are you also from Davao? What do you think of Roxas’ challenge against D

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