Deezer on Apple Music: The jury is out

Hans-Holger Albrecht Deezer CEO

In response to the launch of Apple Music, Deezer CEO Hans-Holger Albrecht has released the following statement:

“As we’ve grown, we’ve become experts in personalisation and curation by building our catalogue and expertise across the globe – in more than 180 countries. Ultimately, consumers will decide which streaming service meets their needs best – the biggest brand might not necessarily offer the best fit for them, and the jury is out on Apple Music.

We know the streaming business. Deezer’s strategy is to provide the best audio offering. We’re prioritising things like sound quality, having the best choice in the market and the biggest and most diverse music catalogue in the world. We know that success is built on global reach, providing local relevance and creating the best experience for users. Our ambition is simple: to give people the best music discovery and listening experience available.”