DIMENSION: Setting Realms of Animation into Motion [event]

Let this year’s much awaited Marketing Fest celebration animate your greatest ideas, showcase your creativity, express unity and marketing excellence as we transport you to the land where your imagination is the limit.

PUP Junior Marketing Executives presents “DIMENSION: Setting Realms of Animation into Motion”, experience another year of fun-filled events and brain teasing competitions inspired by your favorite animated movies!

Dimension: Setting Realms of Animation into Motion” is the 61st Annual Marketing Fest Celebration, targeted among all PUP Marketing Management Students that aims to unmask their competence and provide a remarkable experience through week-long sets of events and competitions that will unleash and hone the skills within their selves.

What: DIMENSION: Setting Realms of Animation into Motion
When: August 7-9, 2018
Where: Polytechnic Unviersity of the Philippines Main Campus