Don’t Let Busy Days Ruin Your Vibe: Perk Up Your Days with Fun Activities

Doing schoolwork can get overwhelming at times, so it’s important to recharge whenever you can. Whether it’s in between your summer classes or a no-school day, you can definitely find fun ways to perk up your days. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank to do so.

Here are some tips you can explore for that much needed perk-up moment:

A few episodes of entertainment

Nowadays, it’s easy to watch your favorite shows on the go. If you have your phone and/or laptop with you, you can sneak in a few episodes to recharge your brain before classes. You can do this in school or at home if you’re taking online classes. Just make sure you don’t get too invested and be late for your next class.


Play it out

If you and your “blockmates” have a lot of idle time, you can play some games to keep yourselves occupied. UNO is a relatively fast card game that can bring out your fun, competitive side. But if you’re into mobile games, there are a number of team games you can play together as well. These activities are not only great for killing time and waking up your senses, but can also be a way to bond with you peers.


Dance like your K-pop bias

The hallyu wave is still thriving, and many K-pop fans want to learn every dance by their all-time favorite idols. You can definitely do this during your break while listening to your K-pop playlist. Let your blockmates join in the fun, so you can recreate popular performances of K-pop groups.


Study date while enjoying Great Taste Cream-O

Exams week can be pretty stressful for students, so a lot of them use their breaks to study with their college friends instead. But you can make this an enjoyable perk-up moment with a delicious drink like Great Taste Cream-O. It’s a delicious combination of Great Taste’s “tamang timpla” of smooth and creamy coffee, and Cream-O’s real cookie crumble.


This delicious combo can not only give you the energy you need, but also help put you in a good mood to continue with your studies. The twin pack sachet is only P15 (SRP), so you can share this with a friend while going through your reviewers.


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