Drive for Road Safety Talks with 3M Executive, Advocate and Journalists

Road safety talks with James Deakin Motoring Journalist, Ariel Lacsamana 3M Philippines President, Lucille Sodipe Journalist & Vincent Lazatin Road Safety Advocate.

Last week at 3m Office in BGC, I heared these 4 experts thoroughly discussed and talk about road safety. They mentioned seriously important things like road rage, that you just need to take a deep breath no matter who cut you off the road. Also children in other country were encouraged to wear bags with reflectors and educated about road safety.

You need to think of it, that you're being watched in any public roads. And most of accidents happened were caused by sleepiness. So stop and take a rest. As a commuter, you can contribute by asking a bus or jeepney driver to drop you off at the bus or jeepney stop. 

Even if your convenience is at risk be responsible for others. They also cited several model cities like Clark and Camp John Hay where traffic rules are strictly followed.

Sad but true where people start posting on its facebook about the Avanza motor/car public road racing speeding videos. Even got the support of local officials and public fans. Which is a sad thing to do but also exciting to watch by the general public. Where public safety and peoples life is at risk.  What if your family or friend suddenly cross the road and then get hit – injured or even die? Would you sacrificed that fast and furious minute of excitement?  

People often neglect the law of wearing 3pt seatbelt. My sister from the US brought her baby car seat with seatbelt for my niece. I told her its a hassle in airport and that's fine its not that strict here in Philippines. She told me that she will be fined and penalized in the US if she doesn't do that. 

And her in laws will be very mad at her. Later, I realized I was wrong or maybe its just a culture acceptance here in our country? Where safety and law is being bent, taken for granted and violated. Even in all bus there's no seatbelt, compared to other countries there is. 

Even taxi drivers doesn't required its passengers to do so before revving up. Maybe the culture needs to be change? Because according to  2017 studies 4 out of 100k Filipino died in road crashes. That's a total waste of life for a simple road safety education.

Some people would even proud of drunk driving, that we need to share the thing called public shaming like those people who did Kiki Challenge in the middle of Edsa traffic to gain fame or  those who are really a proud confident drunked drivers. 

Often, I see this in the presscon or big events where also journalist or top executives take a shot or 2 of beer/wine/alcohol. And was really proud of driving after culture. James said in Australia if you do that they will punch you in the face. They practice the culture of shaming which is opposite here in the Philippines your peer say "Wow pare astig to di ko alam paano nakauwi ng bahay" proud ka pa. 

During my younger years, I was proud violating traffic rules. Feeling cool being chased by several big bikes authorities and then lost them. Then tokyo drift stunt inside mall parking. Imagine that bad uneducated ego. And I realized I was wrong. The question is how you can say these educated responsible advice to your boss, peers or sponsors? In a nice way.

Or maybe just called thier close friend or family and tell that they were drinking before driving. Which I think is a very hard thing to do as a responsible citizen as you police your own fellow. Because by the end of the day they would realize the value of life. Or you became a pakialamero or bidabida in their life.

I also did occur several driving accident and the reason is that Im tired and sleepy. Going to several events I bumped into other vehicle, although its very minor but still an accident. And the last time I was inside the bus in Edsa our driver is sleepy and bumped into other bus reason for us all to transfer to another bus good thing is that no one is hurt. It only caused severe edsa rush hour heavy traffic.

And then another incident is in NLEX our van driver almost fall a sleep early morning. We were in the edge close to accident, then we stop and asked him to take a nap an coffee in gasoline nearby station. Also I experienced road rage twice, its hard to tell when youre in a group of men were shouting. 

The driver were really tought maangas and really angry confident. Because he think, I will back him up because there were 4 of us inside the car. And the other guy on the other car is only 1 and keeps on shouting. Good thing is that its only trash talk no physical harm but tension is high, almost we're get ready to rumble.

3m also believes that if we all work together we can drive the Filipino forward. Like do something on road signage visibility and car care maintenance. Elevating education and the salaries of the drivers. Because they are the carriers of weapons of mass destruction. If put in the wrong hands. We gave that driving profession to the most uneducated and lowest paid workers in our country.

To elevate the public safety here in the country following international traffic standards. Listen and See more of the 1 hour road safety video talks here. The advocates were really serious about road safety, bribery and traffic rules, you may say it can be done in Philippine setting.  

Sometimes I think, do I need to give 100 or 200 pesos to escape minor traffic violations. Or waste my entire day falling in line and then paying 5-20 times more in LTO office to retrieve my drivers license. I've done both and bribe will only make it worst by making them dependent on it. So you contribute to the culture of traffic corruption to exist where public safety is at risk. So dont feed and tolerate the animals.

Easy to say but hard to implement, It may cause you serious trouble even your intention is good. But I think It can be done like what they do in Subic and Davao. It just need to be stricly implemented that no one is above the law even your congressman, taipan boss or lawyer. 


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