Presumptive President Duterte returns excess campaign funds to donors

Presumptive president who wants to call himself “Mayor of the Philippines” Rodrigo Duterte gives us again a glimpse of the change that he wants to push.

A Facebook post of Marion Raagas has been viral online after he disclosed that Duterte’s camp is returning all the excess campaign funds that their camp did not used in the recently concluded Presidential elections.

He praised Duterte’s camp for being truthful and honest despite that they can actually loot the funds instead.

Here’s the full post:

Campaign Fund Contribution REFUND

What greeted me this morning as I walk into my office was a bunch of checks that I need to sign. These checks represent the pro-rated amounts of excess campaign fund contributions for Duterte campaign team (coursed thru Anonymous Patriots). I suppose this is the first time in our country’s history that excess campaign funds are voluntarily returned to generous campaign contributors. Normally, traditional politicians just pocket the difference or perhaps fund handlers just “split the loot” amongst themselves. It is also interesting to note that Mayor Duterte himself has repeatedly turned down financial contributions (regardless of amount) if fund contributor is identified to have corrupt practices or have questionable integrity. I have been a direct witness to this. Change is not coming. CHANGE is already HAPPENING

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 3.04.56 PM

Indeed, change is not coming. Change is already happening.