Enervon holds senior prom night with music from the 50s to 80s

MANILA, Philippines – Prom season for high school students may be over but the adults who attended the recently-concluded Enervon Prime Primetime Seniors Prom Series are still on an all-time high from all the fun.

Beginning October 2014, Enervon Prime launched a series of decade-themed Seniors Proms held once a month for adults 50 years old and up. These events featured the fashion, music, and dance steps from the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s and the ‘80s at RJ Bistro in Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati City.

A Look Back to the Younger Years

Enervon Senior Prom Night 50's
Enervon Senior Prom Night 50’s

Guests who attended the Seniors Prom events enjoyed the games and exciting prizes before they danced to the tunes of each of the decade. From the ‘50s Flashback to the Groovy ‘60s to ‘70s Night Fever and lastly to the Totally Awesome ‘80s, the attendees dressed to the nines, danced to impress, and partied like there’s no tomorrow.

The nights were always met with laughter and cheers as the Prom King and Queen were crowned at the end of each Seniors Prom event.

“The Enervon Prime Primetime Seniors Prom is proof that parties know no age. Despite what others may say, healthy adults can still live a fun and active lifestyle. Whether it’s twisting, boogie-ing or moonwalking, I know that people my age are up for it. We can dance and have fun as much as the younger people can,” said legendary guitarman RJ Jacinto.

More Years, Better Lives

Enervon Senior Prom Night 60's
Enervon Senior Prom Night 60’s

These Seniors Prom events are part of Enervon Prime’s Stronger for Longer campaign. As a nutritionally balanced milk supplement with high quality protein and Vitamin D, Enervon Prime helps address physical conditions associated with aging, specifically the gradual and progressive loss of muscle mass known as Sarcopenia.

This condition leads to a decline in strength and functionality, making it difficult for adults to perform regular physical activities at home and in the community. High nutritional intake of protein and vitamin D, together with regular resistance exercise, may help reduce the risk and improve muscle health, allowing adults to continue having fun, enjoying their passions, and spending time with their family and friends.

Enervon Senior Prom Night 70's
Enervon Senior Prom Night 70’s

“We at Enervon Prime understand the physical and emotional challenges that come with aging, but we believe that these must not hinder adults over 50 years old from continuing to be productive and from enjoying their passions. Enervon Prime is glad to provide these adults not only the proper nutrition from milk so they can stay stronger for longer, but also activities like Seniors Prom so they can enjoy the life that they desire and deserve,” said product manager Barry Barrientos.

Enervon Prime provides them with proper nutrition and gives them the strength to do things that they love,” mentioned Barry Barrientos, product manager.

“Growing old can be lonely but only if you let it. My children are all grown up, while my friends are not always available to go out. Activities like these allow us to meet new people and have fun. We can continue to enjoy our lives, and we’re glad Enervon Prime makes this experience possible,” said Antonio Romero III, one of the attendees.