Enjoy Pure, Fun Moments of Baby with Babyflo!



Your adorable baby is growing and there are so many things that they can now do! From the first weeks of a baby’s life, they begin to learn about life. It seems like they are constantly busy exploring the world, gifted with a natural curiosity to discover how things work, most notably through play!


To spark pure, fun moments for babies to learn and explore, it helps to equip yourself with Babyflo! Their wide range of products offer many chances for fun moments that empower babies on their journey of discovery without breaking the bank.


A simple bath session with Babyflo can enhance their imagination as they learn about shapes with Babyflo Oatmeal Bath. Mommies can help babies form bubbles and blow them in the air during bath time and encourage them to try to do it themselves. Babyflo Oatmeal Bath is perfect for this, as it has colloidal oats that moisturize and protect baby’s skin in a great, fresh smelling way!

Meal times can also be a fun, exploratory journey for babies. Young ones learning to feed themselves are developing independence, fine motor skills and food awareness. While undeniably messy, these adorable moments are priceless to experience as we watch babies feel their way through the meal, squeezing and dropping food. Cleanups after meals are made even better with cottony-soft Babyflo Baby Wipes that is dermatologically tested safe and hypoallergenic. Each wipe is mildly fragranced to ensure safe cleaning for baby’s skin!


Discover Babyflo’s line of products that are clinically and dermatologically safe products yet are also within reach of most Filipino moms. Available in leading drugstores, supermarkets, and leading online stores like Shopee, Lazada & Zalora.

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