Environmental Youth Conference 2016: Empowering and Mobilizing the Youth for Climate Change-Resilient Philippines [event]

Environmental Youth Conference 2016
Environmental Youth Conference 2016

After the successful #NowPH campaign which befalls the Filipino voices’road to Paris climate summit also internationally known as the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference or COP 21 just this December, a thorough synthesis and compounding about what happened in this prestigious climate conference will kick off on January 23, 2016 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City—the Environmental Youth Conference 2016 (EYC 2016), with the theme: Empowering and Mobilizing the Youth for a Climate Change-Resilient Philippines. It is organized and planned by the UP Society of Human Settlements Planners, a UPLB-based academic organization which pursues academic leadership and sustainable development in all aspects, for all.

Over the years, Philippines have been an icon of disaster susceptibility for the frequency and intensity of calamities that run through it in the whole year round. Though branded as a climate-related vulnerable country, its people prove otherwise. That is why the EYC 2016 will be targeting the dynamic age group in its generation—the youth. EYC 2016 believes in the brilliant and insightful minds of the youth today that will spice up the commitment and concern they have for the environment, with its timely issues.

The interaction of over 200 youth intellectuals all over the country is a boulevard to learn, share and fortunately, make action plans about one of the pressing issues in the country—climate change. The EYC 2016 believes that the outcome of this event will yield to help the nation build a safe and happy community against climate cautions—which is the primary goal of human settlements. So eco-heads up and hearts up, young people!