ESports Center in UP Town Center QC

I got a chance to see ESports Center – PC, Mobile and Studio Arena.  The experience was like a central gym or arena for computer game fanatics.  Its good to hear when you say that your a professional athlete, legitimate businessman or corporate raider. How about when they say Professional gamer?  I think it was like a corporate office or tall tower building for professional gamers. In today’s e sports competitive and money prize driven tech world .

You a need a good home venue to unleash your excellence in the digital sport map battle. Your ultimate pro gaming studio for various sports communities. The ESC hub for gaming enthusiasts can steam content, participate in competition even do live streaming. Like Arena of Valor, League of Legends, NBA, Tekken, Street Fighter or any of your favorite game. A cool venue to improve, learn and execute different team combined techniques or winning strategies.

PC, Studio or Mobile arena, I can feel that this is a cool heavenly place for gamers.  Foods and drinks were like a restaurant and they have constant tournament to excite the players.  Globe launched its official eSports team called Team “Liyab” (blaze) in partnership with Mineski. As they will represent the country in different world renowned esports competition like the League of Legends and Hearthstone.

Just like a Pro athlete Team Liyab, Also have a pro sports team management system that prepares its Team mental and physical conditions. Aspects that they need, as they stay away from home.  To make the country competitive and victorious in each future international games as they compete. #ConnectCompeteCreate #TheESC Join the meet ups and mini tournaments visit ESports Central at Play Nation, UP Town Center QC.