5 Reasons to stay at Family Lounge

Everyone experiences waiting for something inside malls and usually stays on vacant spaces and chairs. Else, they tend to spend eating in restaurants/cafes just for the sake of having a nice place to stay.

There’s a VIP lounge out there. You can enjoy using the air-conditoned living room and an exclusive restroom. Sadly, everyone cannot be a member because it requires that one must be an OFW or a relative.

No worries, you can stay free of charge at Trinoma’s Family lounge. Just present your BPI Amore Visa credit card and you’re in. You don’t have this card? Well, you can pay 10 pesos to enjoy this lounge. For senior citizens, use of this lounge is free.

Here are the reasons for you to chill at Family Lounge:

1) Instead of waiting on activity centers or standing at hallways, you can enter this lounge and sit on the couches.

trinoma living room

trinoma tv

2) Breastfeeding station and clean restrooms with tissue inside cubicles. Accommodating staff will greet you.

breastfeeding station trinoma

trinoma restroomIn other restrooms, you’ll have to pay 10 pesos but here, this budget will go a better way.

3) For tech enthusiasts, there’s a free-WiFi and 30-minute use of desktop computer. Charging Nokia phones wouldn’t be a problem.

apple mac
Mac with an HP keyboard 🙂

trinoma charging station

4) Let your kids learn and play.

trinoma family lounge playground

5) Read newspapers and magazines. You can study here while having your ears plugged with headset.

The best time to go to Family Lounge is on weekdays. On weekends, it’s okay to go here since people inside aren’t too many.

By staying inside the family lounge, you’ll not only get an exclusive treatment but also a place to rest, read and enjoy without the hassle of joining with the crowd waiting for nothing.

[stextbox id=”astig”]Trinoma Family lounge is located at 3rd level beside Sony Square.[/stextbox]