FDCP Puts Premium on Film Education

The Film Development Council of the Philippines will hold a Film Education Convention in September through its Academic Film Society, a nationwide association of schools, colleges, and universities involved in film education.

Newly appointed FDCP chairperson and chief executive officer Jose Javier Reyes revealed that the AFS “aims to bring together all the stakeholders in the shaping of film education in our country – from students, teachers, and audiences” as well as “professionals in the field for opportunities of networking, engagement, and conversation.”

Reyes described a recent gathering of AFS member schools as “a significant first meeting of the various chairpersons and representatives of different schools, universities and colleges offering Communication Arts, Media Arts, and Film programs in their respective institutions.”

Apart from Reyes and more than 30 representatives of AFS-registered institutions, also present during the general assembly to answer questions from the attendees were FDCP Education Division head Rica Arevalo, Education Consultant Seymour Sanchez, Project Development Officer Korina Dela Cruz, and Cinematheque Centre Manila Operations Supervisor Jen Lopez.

The new FDCP chair and CEO stressed that the AFS “will also be instrumental in hopefully providing venues for student filmmakers all over the archipelago to have access to the works of their peers regardless of language or region.”

The national agency, through the AFS, aims to nurture aspiring Filipino filmmakers by providing them access to training programs, financial assistance, and other forms of support.

The FDCP and AFS members talked about the progress of teaching film in educational institutions and forms of assistance that the schools may need. They also explored ways in which educators could receive support to improve their students’ understanding of film and enhance film education.

AFS offers funding grants ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 pesos through the Student Financial Assistance Program, which can be availed by those working on their thesis films or capstone projects.

In addition to the SFAP, member schools can also avail of film workshops, mentors and resource persons, access to media library, FDCP ratings and permits, school event promotions, and the use of cinematheque centers and JuanFlix; The FDCP Channel, among other benefits.

“FDCP prepares for the next generation of filmmakers and the upliftment of the Filipino moviegoing audience,” Reyes emphasized.

For many AFS members, their collaboration with FDCP marks a promising chapter in their journey to provide their students with enriching opportunities and support for their creative endeavors.