First Ever Filipino-Korean Variety Game Show “Aja Aja Tayo!”

And the Korean Madness simply continues! From KPop to Kdrama to KFood and now the first ever Filipino-Korean game challenge variety show to grace local television. 

Let’s give it up for Aja Aja Tayo!  

Starting July 21 and for the next 13 Saturdays, this fun and exciting variety game show will air over at TV5 which is also pitted between two major network noon time programs. 

I first encountered the word “aja” which means “fighting” in Korean in the KDrama series “Full House” starring Rain and Song Hye-kyo back in 2004.  

The show is composed of Korean-Filipino individuals (writers, directors, producers, etc.) who teamed up to present a fresh television show tailor made for the taste of Korean-Filipino citizens, K-Pop fanatics, Korean culture lovers, and variety game show enthusiasts.