First Ever Filipino-Korean Variety Game Show “Aja Aja Tayo!”

And the Korean Madness simply continues! From KPop to Kdrama to KFood and now the first ever Filipino-Korean game challenge variety show to grace local television. 

Let’s give it up for Aja Aja Tayo!  

Starting July 21 and for the next 13 Saturdays, this fun and exciting variety game show will air over at TV5 which is also pitted between two major network noon time programs. 

I first encountered the word “aja” which means “fighting” in Korean in the KDrama series “Full House” starring Rain and Song Hye-kyo back in 2004.  

The show is composed of Korean-Filipino individuals (writers, directors, producers, etc.) who teamed up to present a fresh television show tailor made for the taste of Korean-Filipino citizens, K-Pop fanatics, Korean culture lovers, and variety game show enthusiasts.

During its recent media and trade launch, hosted by Korean Paul (who speaks fluent Tagalog) and KA Antonio, we got to know the wonderful people behind this milestone of a project produced by ShowBT Philippines headed by CEO Mr. Charles Kim who is as excited as we are in the airing of Aja Aja Tayo! 

Mr. Kim indicated that this is just the first of the many projects they have lined up to produce featuring notable Korean entertainment. 

The show also features this upcoming boy band SB19, composed of five Filipinos trained in K-pop and American style. The band will make its debut next month, after the premiere of “Aja-Aja! Tayo!” 

So watch out for Stell, Ken, Josh, Sejun and Justin. These boys have really trained hard and well to sound and move and dance like Koreans and we Pinoys are very good at such no doubt. I enjoyed their high energy dance numbers during the media presentation. 

Aja SB19 !!! 

We were also introduced to Mr. Robin aka Jung Sung-han, a former member of popular gag trio “Cult Triple” and head of entertainment firm for ShowBT who also spearheads the newest game show. A very funny guy who made us laugh to the hilt with his jokes. He also speaks and understands Tagalog pretty well even if he is based in South Korea. 

Aja Aja Tayo aims to establish a program that will introduce the Korean wave to our fellow Filipinos and hopefully be a bridge to future Korean artists who would wish to visit and be introduced here in the Philippines.

We hinted Mr. Robin if they could also try to bring in popular and notable Kdrama stars and why not especially if there will be enough sponsors doing so.

And speaking of KPop stars, these three beautiful gentlemen are also featured in the pilot episode of Aja Aja Tayo! and have been promoting all-out for the game show. 

Formerly belonging to boyband Offroad, they bid adieu to two members a few months back and got renamed to "BNF" aka Benefit. It was a thrill meeting oppas Daewon, Habin and Harang for the very first time! 

There are angles Daewon would look like or resemble Kai of boyband EXO. But at 27, he is the eldest of the trio who trained for seven to eight years before debuting. Wow! 

Habin is perhaps the best dancer in the group who at times looks like Suho or Baekhyun of EXO in my opinion. WTG! 

Looking like the nerdy of the three, Harang is also a crowd favorite during their mall tours and radio visits here in the metro and nearby city provinces. 

“Aja-Aja! Tayo!” will broadcast for 13 consecutive weeks to be hosted by model-actress Wilma Doesnt and radio host Mr. Fu who will be the show’s team Captains, while host-actor Jojo Alejar and Korean TV Personality Steena will be the moderators together with various local artists such as Kiray Celis, Ella Cruz, Xander Ford who are joined by BNF and a lot of more exciting guests!

It is an one (1) hour variety challenge game show featuring two teams competing against each other in every episode. One cycle consists 6 games, which will then be divided into two (2) episodes. Each game has a corresponding point in which the teams can earn if they win.

Check out these fun moments during the behind the scenes of their initial episode:

According to Ms. Wilma, the Koreans are a pleasure to work with and they really take care of their fellow talents and artists. 

"Meticulous sila sa trabaho and they are also perfectionists like us Pinoys." she recalls. 

It was also disclosed that post-producing a single episode at times takes as much as two months due to the laying out of special effects and other related graphics needed for a game show such as this magnitude to be really fun and entertaining to all its audience. 

Team Aja Aja Tayo! would really appeciate if you could follow and get connected with them in their social media accounts:



So it's a date on July 21  at TV5 from 1130am-1230pm as we all say Annyeonghaseyo to AJA AJA TAYO!!! 

Many thanks to Mr. Benjo Madrigal for having us during the media and trade launch. 🙂 

Aja Aja Tayo! airs its pilot episode on July 21 from 1130am to 1230pm at TV5

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