Fly Shades to launch UAAP-themed eyewear on March 15

Fly shades will be launching 8 UAAP-themed sunglasses this coming March 15.

Fly Shades has always been a value proposition: mixing fashion, eye protection, and affordability since 2001. They’ve been the go-to brand for almost 2 decades of boys and girls, students and young professionals, looking for the perfect eyewear. Whether it’s classic, retro, vintage, unisex or trendy eyewear, Fly Shades will definitely have them. With their custom designs sold across 40 branches nationwide, they have always appealed to the independent-minded, fashion-conscious individual.

Currently, Fly Shades is the apple of the fashion eye of bloggers and stylists as evidenced by many posts and re-posts using the hashtag #iloveflyshades. Look out as Fly Shades’ re-posts these pictures, and you will be rewarded with an inspiring “…I Fly!” ode.

It comes as no surprise then that Fly Shades attracted the attention of UAAP as a perfect conduit to personify the athletic lifestyle of the UAAP community. With their shared vision of endurance and durability, liveliness and youthfulness, Fly Shades designed 8 striking UAAP logo-themed wayfarers with matching zip cases. Far from being the usual, these shades rank very high in “wear-ability” and “notice-ability”, inspiring more than just school spirit.

Following this product launch, Fly Shades will add 8 more styles to this collection, proof of nothing but their excitement to articulate the many joys of youth, school spirit, sportsmanship and, of course, looking good.