Free Fire rolls out Chaos in-game voting event amid new gameplay updates

PHILIPPINES – Garena will launch its latest patch update for Free Fire tomorrow, injecting fresh adjustments such as an in-game Chaos event and a reworked NeXTerra map. Fans and players can also look forward to the addition of character Ryden, a new Clash Squad (CS) season starting Feb 1, and more.

New custom in-game event: Vote for ‘special incidents’ to spice up matches

For the first time ever, Free Fire will grant players the chance to decide the occurrence of ‘special incidents’ in Battle Royale (BR) and CS modes. During the Chaos event, which opens from Jan 25 till Feb 12, players can vote for up to eight ‘special incidents’ to introduce mayhem into their matches. These include uncontrolled flight paths, reduced skill cooldown times, unpredictable safe zones, and more.

The most-voted ‘special incident’ will be implemented immediately and will last until the end of the event. Votes from each round will also be accumulated throughout the event, meaning that players can simultaneously experience up to four different events by the end of the fourth voting round.

Additionally, players can look forward to free rewards such as the grand prize –  an exclusive Chaos emote, as well as a Chaos scythe and a female bundle. Fans can also add the limited edition “Inner Devil” male costume and various gun skin designs to their collection.

Reworked map: NeXTerra 2.0 comes with a 50% reduced storage size

NeXTerra 2.0 features several enhancements packed in a much reduced map data size. Players can find their way around the terrains of CS Rank’s newest area, Zipway, or plot out revised combat strategies based on the readjusted structural and building distribution. Additionally, select areas such as the stairs, conveyor belt, and corridors in Farmtopia, Grav Labs, and Deca Square will undergo adjustments to improve gameplay balance.

New character: Ambush enemies with mech genius Ryden’s spider robot

Free Fire’s newest character, Ryden, is a mech prodigy with a penchant for all things mechanical. Among his brilliant creations is a spider robot that entangles enemies in a web, preventing sneak attacks. Starting Jan 24, players can try out Ryden’s unique skill, which releases a small spider robot on the battlefield to hunt for enemies.

The patch update also presents character skill reworks for Santino. The reworked Shape Splitter skill will allow players to spawn a moving mannequin of Santino and mark the enemy upon the mannequin’s destruction.

New CS season: M1873 weapon, enhanced combat effects, and store purchase features to launch on Feb 1

On top of adjustments to the NeXTerra map, the latest CS Rank season launching Feb 1 will include the following features:

  • [NEW] Weapon: Players can buy the M1873 right from the first round of CS matches.
  • [NEW] Enhanced visual and sound effects during combat: Upon achieving Ace,  players can show off full-body fiery effects throughout that one CS round. With each knockdown, players can also unlock new sound effects for knockdown streaks.
  • [NEW] CS Store Purchase Withdraw feature: Players can undo certain operations, such as purchasing weapons and armor upgrades.

For the detailed patch update, check out the official Free Fire patch notes here. Stay tuned for more updates and find the latest Free Fire news on FacebookYouTubeInstagram, and TikTok.

Free Fire can be downloaded on both the Apple iOS App and Google Play store.