Globe At Home will Make Life Greater, Launching the “GFiber-Strong City”

Globe at Home understood that as we move in sync with the demands of a hyper-connected world, the role of home internet connection has become more relevant than ever. That’s why the name of the game no longer just stops at speed, but how it extends to making homes greater with life essentials and unparalleled customer service that allow each family member to thrive and succeed in this fast-evolving digital age.

Welcome to GFiber-Strong City

To bring #ExtraGDay to its users, Globe At Home took them on an immersive journey through GFiber-Strong City, where they got to experience first hand the power of GFiber connectivity and what life-changing opportunities it can bring to their homes to be able to thrive in a hyper-connected world.

Globe at Home

“We wanted to demonstrate through this event how Globe At Home continues to redefine the fiber experience for Filipinos with our GFiber offerings that go beyond unlimited connectivity and speed. Through GFiber, we bring customers into the Globe ecosystem to uplift the lives of every Filipino family by supporting them in their pursuits anchored on the things they are passionate about and giving them more confidence to be great because they are backed by Globe’s reliable fiber,” said Janis Racpan, Head of Globe At Home Brand Management.

The brand showcased the ultra-speeds its postpaid plans offer and all the kinds of things families can do with a GFiber subscription. Participants were also able to experience GFiber’s rich lifestyle and entertainment partners, and learn about Globe At Home’s rewards and innovative wifi promos.

Several Globe At Home ambassadors joined the event, including Kryz and Slater Young, lifestyle content creators and owners of an intelligent home; Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona, one of the podcast show pioneers in the country; as well as Bianca Gonzalez, actress, TV host, and proud mother of two.

Globe at Home

The future is now with GFiber

Globe At Home has been ramping up its customers’ migration to fiber and introducing innovative connectivity products in response to the demand for faster and more reliable internet connection at home as millions shifted to a  hybrid work or learning setup.

GFiber can even power up homes with up to 1Gbps in internet speeds, which means uninterrupted and high-quality digital experience for every household member.

Make homes greater with WiFi-strong connections

Families can experience the power of connectivity right in their own homes with any of the GFiber plans available. With GFiber Unli Plan 1699, they can enjoy up to 150mbps fiber connectivity that would allow them to stream high quality videos, increase their productivity and even create a seamless intelligent home experience.

Globe At Home also recently launched the fiber-to-the-room or FTTR technology–the first in Southeast Asia. This new WiFi solution allows users to enjoy the strongest, most consistent, and fastest fiber connectivity at home as fiber is extended to the individual rooms of the home. It works best with 1Gbps fiber connectivity powered by GFiber Unli Plan 7499 as it provides full home Gigabit WiFi coverage.  Aside from making video calls, streaming videos in 8K HD, or playing online games without any interruptions, users can also enjoy a better intelligent home experience with FTTR technology.

In a video, Kryz and Slater Young discussed how they are able to enjoy better family experiences because of their intelligent home and how crucial it is to have an internet connection that can power up their gadgets. 

Globe at Home

“It’s important to have a well-connected home because all our smart home gadgets run on the internet so it’s important to have high-speed connection, which is made possible by Globe At Home,” said Slater Young.

Make homes greater with life and entertainment essentials that matter

GFiber plans also come with complimentary subscriptions to entertainment content that bring joy, inspiration, and creativity. Customers can enjoy 3-month exclusive access to Amazon Prime video, HBO Go, Viu, and the latest addition to this power line up, discovery+.

Globe at Home

They can also make sure to prioritize their health by getting a free 3-month family access to licensed Filipino doctors via the telehealth service KonsultaMD with their GFiber subscription.

“We believe that having access to different content platforms can definitely fuel one’s creativity. That’s why we’re so happy that with our GFiber plan, we’re able to access a wide array of world-class streaming apps,” said Jim Bacarro.

Globe at Home

Globe At Home continues to power up customers’ digital lifestyle as it enables them to enjoy uninterrupted gaming and elevated digital experiences–all made possible by GFiber’s ultra-fast connectivity.

Make homes greater with unparalleled customer care

To make sure that its customers get the best experience, Globe At Home offers guaranteed 24-hour installation and 24-hour repair visit. They also extend access to ramped up rewards and a seamless experience via the OneGlobe plan. Meanwhile, VIP customers who avail of GFiber Unli Plan 2499 and up are given exclusive access to a VIP customer service hotline and Globe VIP Home Squad–a team of professional tech-experts ready to assist customers with their home WiFi and digital needs. 

“All of us at home enjoy the strong and seamless connection because of GFiber, and I especially appreciate the fast and efficient customer service, all in just a few clicks” shared Bianca Gonzalez.

Globe At Home continues to work hard to give its customers the full GFiber experience and to bring the far-reaching benefits of fiber connectivity to every Filipino household to make more homes greater.

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