Google WiFi is here: 50 Mbps unlimited Internet for P3799

PLDT Home Google Wifi Plan
PLDT Home Google Wifi Plan

Nothing ruins an online experience like an interrupted connection. Whether you’re streaming the final episode of your favorite series, uploading an important file to make a deadline or video calling with your bestfriend abroad, walking into a dreaded WiFi dead spot at home can spoil a precious online moment.

A Wi-Fi dead spot is a corner in your house or office where Wi-Fi signal just cannot get through. This is caused by several unavoidable factors like misplaced modems, metal objects, microwave ovens, LED lights, concrete walls and dividers, and even moisture from pots and vases.

It’s a common problem that you can now finally address with a mesh networking system. A mesh networking system consists of several points that allow Wi-Fi signals to penetrate strategic parts of your house. This way, you can enjoy consistently strong and fast Internet on all of your Wi-Fi enabled devices and smart appliances at every corner of every room.

In 2016, Google introduced their mesh technology called the Google Wifi. Researching for a school project in the bedroom? No problem. Binge-watching your favorite K-drama in the living room? You got it. Playing an online game while waiting for the laundry to finish? Go for it. Google Wifi lets you truly enjoy all these activities in any corner of your home with absolute ease.

Google Wifi was first released in the United States and had an international rollout with the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

PLDT Home Google Wifi Plan
PLDT Home Google Wifi Plan

And just last June, leading telco and digital services provider PLDT teamed up with Google to introduce Google Wifi in the Philippines and made it available with PLDT Home’s broadband services. Through this power tandem, Filipinos can now enjoy not only the country’s fastest fixed broadband network but also a seamless home internet experience through Google Wifi.

You can now avail of the Google Wifi Plan 3799, which comes with an unlimited 50Mbps connection, three Google Wifi points and free service assistance from the Home Geek Squad. If you’re already an existing PLDT Home Fibr customer, you can simply avail of Google Wifi units as an add-on for only P589 for a set of two, or P799 for a set of three.

Google Wifi works with the handy Google Wifi app – available on Android and iOS – which lets you easily set up your network and manage its settings.

The Google Wifi app also allows you to see which devices are connected to the Google points and monitor how much bandwidth each device is consuming. Additionally, you can use the app to give assign more bandwidth to specific devices, as well as manage online usage at home by creating scheduled pauses on a certain device’s connection—a feature parents can use to monitor and control their children’s internet use.

The best part is, Google Wifi is designed intuitively, ensuring that connected devices are always latched on to the channel with the strongest Wi-Fi signal. So even if you move around the house, the Network Assist feature will keep you connected online, leaving you with a seamless and uninterrupted internet experience no matter where you go.

Enjoy the strongest connections at home with PLDT Home’s Google WiFi Plan.