Fruity + Salty: Halls just launched their most exciting candy yet

PHILIPPINES – Candy has always been a treat to young and old alike, bringing joy and relaxation to everyday experiences. However, the candy we’ve all grown up with has always been the same old fruity or minty flavors, and this time, Halls has cooked up a surprising fusion of flavors that no one ever expected would taste amazing! The new Halls Salt is the latest delicious innovation in candy that is now here in the Philippines!

Halls Salt was inspired by the fusion of two ingredients that no one expected to taste as delicious: fruit and salt!

Refreshingly cool, deliciously fruity, and surprisingly salty! The new Halls Salt will surely delight! It is available in two mouthwatering flavors, Halls Salt Watermelon and Halls Salt Lemon Lime.

“When we first tasted Halls Salt, we got this burst of flavors that really stood out among whatever is currently in the market. We had that unique salty taste na perfect talaga with fruit! I think consumers are in for a big surprise. After being used to the same old flavors, the delicious twist of Halls salt will really get them saying #SanaHalls kasing sarap!” said Ryan Torres, Assistant Brand Manager for Halls Philippines.

To showcase how the new Halls Salt is the perfect treat every adventurous millennial should try, Halls recently partnered with celebrity gamer, Alodia Gosiengfiao, for an exciting livestream event called The #SanaHalls Dream Team. During the event, Alodia and her gaming dream team snacked on the delicious Halls Salt while playing the popular online  competitive shooting game Call of Duty Warzone.

Halls Philippines even gave away special prizes to four lucky viewers of the livestream event.

Visit Alodia’s Facebook page to watch and find out more.Treat yourself to the deliciouslfusion of fruit and salt as you work or study at home or even as you’re trying to get that win in your gameslike Alodia.

The unique taste experience of being deliciously and surprisingly salty will surely make people say, “Fruit and Salt?! #SanaHallsSalt!”

The new Halls Salt isavailable on Lazada, Shopee, and all leading grocery stores and convenience stores nationwide for Php28.50 per bag.