Hotel Sogo discount hack: 22% off in exchange for your fingerprint

Hotel Sogo fingerprint discount
Hotel Sogo fingerprint discount

Are you checking into Hotel Sogo without a discount card? Apparently, there’s a way to get as much as 22% off their published rates. All you have to do is let them scan your finger.

The so-called “fingerprint promo” was discovered by our friend Jeman Villanueva of, who wrote about his experience on Facebook.

“I forgot to bring my “discount” card but the staff offered me their “finger print” promo where they’ll scan my index finger and I’ll get as much as 22% discount,” writes Jeman.

He added, saying “It’s true that I get discounted because from the P725 published rate, I only paid P580 for the 6 hours I availed.”

And so I'm back at my favorite red room because I have a very early out of town trip later. I forgot to bring my "…

Posted by Jeman Bunyi Villanueva on Thursday, June 7, 2018

Jeman also posted a photo of a tarpaulin at the lobby bearing the slogan “Fingerprint mo, Discount mo!”

The experience, however, raised a few concerns about the privacy of the information being collected.

“But now I wonder why SOGO needed my scanned index finger. I did asked about it sa front desk nila but I didn’t get a clearer answer. Should I get worried sa promo na ito? O may ganito ng gimik sa iba na required ang index finger mo? 🤔” said Jeman

“Delikado yan. They are getting your biometric info without a clear explanation on how they will process and secure your information,” commented Gary Cruz

User Keith Lao suggested that perhaps it will be used to open the door of the room assigned to the patron.

“Weird where will they use that data. The only reason i can think of is gagawin nila fingerprint ang doors nila so pag nagcheck in ka only you can access your door?” says Keith Lao.

We reached out to Hotel Sogo on Facebook, however, we have yet to receive a response. There is no other information online about the said fingerprint discount promo.

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