How to book a coworking space using Flyspaces


Experienced looking for a place to sit down, chill and do some freelance work? Places like coffee shops are mostly visited but the were certain problems. There’s the noisy environment; unavailable sits, a seat or two might be available but no outlet to plugin your laptop; and lastly, internet connection – not all coffee shops offer free WiFi, some would have but for a limited time only.

That’s when virtual/co-working offices began to boom. You’ll get to enjoy a cozy place to work and stable internet connection.

But which virtual office space is close by and how much to be able to rent one?


Flyspaces, the Airbnb for business, virtual, co-working offices can help any freelancer and startup company. Officially launch last October 29 at Acceler8 Coworking, booking an office space is now online.

Mario Berta, CEO of FlySpaces


Here’s how:

  1. Simply go to to their website,
  2. Signup an account.
  3. Search and enquire for available office space.
  4. Confirm booking.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Go ahead and book now..