How to Act if You Caught Your Girlfriend Cheating

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In all times we have heard dozens of tearful stories telling how heartbreaking it can be when one partner catches his/her boo cheating. But, taking a look at the situation from the practical point of view, how should you act if you’ve caught your girlfriend cheating? 

In the best case scenario, nobody would want to get stuck in such unpleasant and plain horrible situation and all of us would be happy and cheerful and filled with love and rainbows and butterflies in stomach. At the same time, unlikely,many romantic partners happen to cheat on a certain stage of relationship. 

And if you happened to track some signs your girlfriend is cheating – whether you noticed her searching some dating profiles of attractive guys or flirting in real life, one sunny morning you got to face the issue and need to make an immediate decision: What would I do if my cheating girlfriend gets caught?

Cheating and its outcomes are perhaps one of the most destructive moments for any kind of relationship (even the strongest one). It turns your entire world upside-down at the moment you find out your beloved partner was cheating. From this point, you naturally begin to consider everything in your relations an abominable lie and your passion together with your self-esteem slides down. However, you do not have to remain on one place and feeling like a victim.

So, in case if you want to be able to consider all possible options and start planning your next moves, we’ve come up with 6 available “ways out” you can always pull back to along with your girlfriend caught cheating. But you need to keep in mind that you should refrain from making haste and coming to any serious decisions just for now.

 If you found out about your woman being unfaithful recently, you can grant it some time and allow things to unfold before you make adetermined choice regarding what to do next.

  1. Stay calm

Although it may be hard as hell, put every effort to stay relaxed andsober-headed. The next step of yours might involve calling a close friend or any other trusted person to give you the needed support. Whatever you choose to do, avoid reacting impulsively and bursting out your emotions. A lot of people act unadvisedly simply out of rage and anger that often leads to more serious consequences for both romantic partners. 

Evade from posting any hateful comments on social media like particular celebrities, simply because all of thatstuff can and WILL be used against you if it ever gets to a breakup. Given all the reasons above, you may have to reply in a thoughtful and peaceful manner. Reaching out for a best friend’s helping hand is by far the most helpful and smart thing you can do at the moment. And only then you may consider your next moves.

2. Talk it over

If you ever decide that you actually do want to deal with this nasty problem together with your girl, you are going to have to carry out a profound talk about what had happened and define the true reasons of that. What was she feeling at that moment and how did she feel right after it happened? How can she look me in the eye? No doubt, this step will definitely feel sorely painful, however it is of great importance for both of you to make yourselves absolutely clear. 

Likewise, your girlfriend also needs to hear out what you got to say and everything that bothers you when it concerns your entire relationship. She has to be aware how her actions hurt you, and, thus, has to be the first one to make a step towards a fair solution as well as give yousome time and space to heal.

3. Realize it wasn’t about you

Don’t you even think of making excuses for that person or try to believe in any way it was your fault. If a person cheats on his loving partner, he/she makes a completely conscious decision to behave this way.

Most psychologists tend to believe that if one partner was really in a relationship for the long-term commitment,he/she would never cheat in the first place. If you consider yourself a forgiving soul, you might push forward and try to distinguish what exactly caused the aberration in your girl’susual behavior and if there was a significant reason for such a severe lapse in her behavior or if it is habitual. 

And that is completely up to you and no one else. In case if you feel as though it may turn out to be worth fighting for, go ahead. But bear in mind that you do it only because you wish to save your relationship. 

4. Live separately for some time

We know, this point may sound like it can do even more harm than good, still even a short break from any kind of contact and interaction with your partner after she has been unfaithful, can surely help you regroup your thought and feelings and ensure you a solid ground to start from. With absolutely no distractions and hurt which come when talking to your lover, you can start working in the direction of sorting out the issue with a much clearer head.

5. Go to couples therapist

In some cases, the only existing way to communicate effectively after something like cheating occurs, is to seek for an objective and professional third party to be involved. Otherwise, the conversation has all chances to escalate and turn into a gruesome fight where nothing can be resolved. But, with a professional therapist present in the room, many partners sorting out infidelity usually got far more success in establishing an effective communication and dealing with their problems.

6. Forgive or not forgive?

Chances are, as soon as both you and your romantic partner make every effort and do the hard work of fixing your relationship, you will step up with a whole new understanding of one another and will have much deeper connection and commitment. That, in its turn, will certainly strengthen your union and bring you close once again.

At the same time, if you suppose this kind of relationship is just not worth any more of your time, you may as well start the no less painful process of putting the end to your relations.


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