Hunger Games: Mockingjay giveaway – 24 tickets in 24 hours

Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1
Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1

Due to popular demand we are giving away 24 tickets over the next 24 hours to the VIP block screening of Hunger Games: Mockingjay on November 20, 2014 10:00PM at the SM Megamall. Twelve (12) lucky winners will win two (2) tickets each!

You can still join this contest even if you already joined our first Hunger Games: Mockingjay block screening giveaway (winners of the first contest are disqualified from joining this contest, though!).

It’s so easy to win! All you have to do is like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. You can earn as much as four (4) additional points by tweeting and leaving a comment below.

To enter, simply use the raffle widget below.

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What: 10 tickets to the block screening of Hunger Games: Mockingjay (12 winners of two tickets each for a total of 24 tickets)
When: 10:00 PM on November 20, 2014
Where: SM Megamall Cinema 4

Contest rules

  • You must have a Twitter and Facebook account to enter
  • Mandatory: like Golden Ticket Events on Facebook to earn one entry
  • Mandatory: like ASTIG.PH on Facebook to earn one entry
  • Mandatory: follow ASTIG.PH on Twitter to earn one entry
  • Optional: Tweet about the giveaway at least once every day to earn one entry
  • Optional: Comment below to earn three entries
  • Contest is open to everyone, however the recipient must be located within Metro Manila (you can be located in the U.S. and win, but we will send your prize to your relatives in Manila)
  • Winners of the first Hunger Games: Mockingjay block screening giveaway are disqualified from joining this contest.
  • Contest ends at midnight on November 19, 2014
  • Winners will be announced here on November 19, 2014


  1. We have been following this movie since it was first shown in 2012. We have watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in 2013 as well and now that the first part of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay is to be shown, we are very excited to see it (for free) I hope.

  2. Because I've read all three books and watched Hunger Games and Catching Fire and now please pick mo so I'd get to watch Mockingjay Part 1 with my sister for free!!! 🙂

  3. I fell in love with HUNGER GAMES because of the following 1. It shows the strength of people regardless of their age (no matter how old we are, we can be strong for others and for ourselves) 2. The whole hunger games sequence is described vividly, thought-provoking, mind-shuffling and also action-packed. 3. I just love Katnis!! I am a number one fan of this book and movie streamline and it will be a perfect gift if i will have the chance to watch and win this with ASTIG.PH

  4. i love the hunger games because of the way the story goes. by that i mean its a wonderful fiction drama that is placed in sad happenings with exciting thrills it has parts that make you want to cry and parts that make you wanna scream at your book and other parts that make you wanna smile the more you read the more you fall in love with the charcters and the book its self each end of a book end of a chapter end of a page end of a paragraph end of a sentence leave more questions and bring more answers and i can not stop reading it there is so much about the hunger games series that is wonderful but i cant type it because there is to much that is wonderful but my favorite book of the series is catching fire I the hunger games! please let me win this extraordinary piece of gold!

  5. My daughter loves hunger games trilogy. She wont stop talking about this. We bond through watching movies so winning tickets is a plus. Tipid plus happy memories with my daughter.

  6. I joined for my sister she's been waiting for this movie. She read the books and cant wait for her next movie adventure with her idol katniss!!! If ever I win this will be a surprise for her since its her birthday on the 23rd.

  7. I really realy wanted to see The Mockingjay because I am a super supeer fan of this trilogy ever since it started. And I love Katniss, Haymitch, Peeta, Effie and all the characters, the Games, the songs, the plot, EVERTHING! And I also love you for giving me this chance, thanks!

  8. I totally deserve to win tickets because i have been a hardcore fan and I totally supported it. And btw thank you so much for this amazing giveaway! More power 🙂

  9. I hope I am the Lucky One. My 18th bday is coming so I am looking forward to be da ONE. I will gonna a great birthday present for me GUYS Also I really love to see this most anticipated-movie of this year with you guys REALLY WANNA WATCH this book-adapted movie MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN EVER IN THEIR FAVOR!! ASTIG.PH

  10. I hope I am the Lucky One. My 18th bday is coming so I am looking forward to be da ONE. I will gonna a great birthday present for me GUYS Also I really love to see this most anticipated-movie of this year with you guys REALLY WANNA WATCH this book-adapted movie MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN THEIR FAVOR!! ASTIG.PH

  11. Well i guess i'm an avid fan of them,i already read and watch their previous books and up until now im not get easily tired/bored of watching and reading at many times,if you will give me an opportunity to win,if you will give me a chance i will never forget this experience and i can say that this is the one of my Unforgettable experiences in my life ..

  12. Hi! Thank you so much for this giveaway! Can you please pick me? XD It’s my friend’s birthday next week and we really want to watch Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 1! 🙂

    I love reading books and has been one of those who normally feels like getting stabbed in the heart 100 times whenever the movie adaptation literally kills the story from the book. It was a traumatic experience for me specially the Twilight Saga Days (And I can’t blame them since the story happened most through perceptions of Bella).

    It took a long time (for real) before I encouraged myself again to root for a book turned into motion pictures and it is no other than the Hunger Games.:3

    Sometimes, Some books are sufficient to read and the movies usually goes like a big bonus. But not for Hunger Games. Even if it retells the same story, it is still worth watching!!! I even remember having goosebumps on its first trailer and the moment I cried out loud in the cinema hahaha! Thanks! More powers to you! 🙂

  13. I've read the book and watched the first two movies from this trilogy. And now that Mocking Jay is just days away it makes me more excited to catch it in big screen. Let the action begin. And may the odds be ever in my favor. Free tickets are always awesome. Thanks for the chance!!!

  14. I really want to win this ticket. I love Hunger Games so much. This is a kind of movie that is different from the others. Every scene has something in it. Very nice actors and director as well. I don't usually watch movies, but this one made me. Hope I win the prize. It will be truly a blessing for me. Thank you and God bless 😀

  15. I've been a huge fan of the trilogy and have been excitedly waiting for the movies to come. I must win not just because it will give me a new hunger games experience I have dying to get in the picture but most likely because, it would be a great bonding time for me and my Dad who just got reconciled few months ago. I hope you could help us keep the awesome bond between us and you know, this simple thing you might share to us would surely be a priceless one we will treasure for a lifetime. I hope the odds will be in my favor. Cross fingers.

  16. I've been hooked up ever since I watched the first two parts of the hunger games and I am really not gonna miss this flick. I wanna win so I can have a me-time after a stressful day at school. You know what I mean. 🙂

  17. First of all, I'd like to send you my genuine thank you for giving us this oppurtunity to win some tickets of Mockingjay part 1. My enormous gratitude is with you!
    The reason why I would like to win on this giveaway is that, I'd love to make my mom feel loved and special and to have some leisure time because she's been working 24/7 for us. I would love to pamper her. With the help of your giveaway! Thank youu. And other thing is that, I have read this trilogy and I must say, I am too attached to it. I would love to watch it but my pocket won't allow me so. So with this, I hope you can help me. May the odds be ever in my favorrrrr (Ceasar Flickerman's voice) Godblessss!!

  18. I love The Hunger Games so much. I have read The Hunger Games since I was in high school and that was 5 years ago. Ever since, I’ve been an avid fan of the trilogy. So when they made it to a movie, I was really thrilled! Every year, I’ve waited for the movies. I also bought every DVD of the movie so I could watch it over and over again because I love the Hunger Games so much. And this year, I really can’t wait for the Mockingjay Part 1. My mom and I are so excited for Mockingjay Part 1 because ever since they started the movie franchise of The Hunger Games Trilogy, we followed it and waited for the movies every year just to watch it! I really do hope I win because I will bring my mom with me for her birthday. I am so thankful that you made a contest like this. Now you gave me so much hope that I could give a surprise gift for my mom. And I do hope that the odds are in my favor. Maybe you’ve been wondering why I’ve been using the word hope too much. Well, it’s because hope is the only thing stronger than fear. And also, that line was from our favorite character of The Hunger Games, President Snow. I’m so excited to watch this movie, I bet it will be so awesome. ^_^

  19. I've already watched the first two movies (The Hunger Games and Catching Fire) and I want to watch the first part of the Mockingjay movie! Been a fan of the trilogy series ever since!

  20. Tell us why you want to see Hunger Games: Mockingjay to get 3 additional raffle entries

    It is oneof my favorite movies coz every Hunger Games is really exciting to watch,not like other movies, they were so boring.

  21. I want to see and win a pair of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 tickets because I have been a follower of this movie series. I have watched all prequels in the big screen and I am excited to complete my Hunger Games journey by seeing it again. Besides, I want to bring my best friend who is my Katniss Everdeen. Like Katniss, my best friend is a strong lady who is very bold, determined, courageous and cautious. With her strong personality, she is the protector of her siblings especially those who want to bully them. Like Katniss, she is also a brave woman who is not easy to surrender when problems and challenges arise.