I AM THE BRAND at PUP Taguig [event]

PDS Final Poster
PDS Final Poster

In looking for a job, are you confident enough that you would be able to get hired? Do you know how to sell your ideas and self-portfolio? In a very competitive industry, personal branding is an important concept nowadays, wherein people try to market themselves in the career or profession that they take. It is an essential way to establish an image as good as the best brands we all know. Therefore, it is great to make yourself as interesting as you could to get every position you desire and to reach the quality of life you dream of.

In line with this, the Junior Marketing Association of PUP Taguig, an organization that develops skills and characters of not only of its members but other students as well, it is important for them to provide intelligent seminars that bring out the best among its target attendees.Therefore, this year’s Personality Development Seminar aims to help the participants in determining their future career goal by providing them with information with regards to proper personality development and communication.And as the organization targets to disseminate this affluent knowledge, this event would be an intercampus seminar, wherein students from different colleges and universities are encouraged to attend.And to give you the best out of this seminar, the JMA presents to you Mr. Pocholo Gonzales, The Voice Master of the Philippines, Mr. Venchito Tampon, a motivational speaker and digital marketer, and Mr. Al Ian Barcelona, CEO and founder of AIB trainings is a sought-after motivational speaker, trainer, consultant, and event organizer.

The Junior Marketing Association would surely provide you a comprehensive understanding on how you would create the best brand of you, this 2nd day of October, 2015 at the Polytechnic of the Philippines – Taguig Gymnasium. Seeing as it is, this would be a great way to spend a productive day with so much to learn and gather from.