“I’m Drunk I Love You” Opens Today After Valentine’s Day




I’m Drunk, I Love You is not your usual love story. The highly anticipated offbeat romantic comedy that stars Paulo Avelino and Maja Salvador tackles the hilariously painful side of falling hopelessly in love.

Helmed by JP Habac in his feature-length directorial debut with a screenplay co-written with Giancarlo Abrahan, the film tells the story of two college best friends who go on one last road trip where they settle how they really feel for each other.

The director is quick to stress that the film is not the whimsical romance usually played out on the big screen. Instead, it reflects the experiences of real people.

I’m Drunk, I Love You is a synthesis of stories from people within my social circles who have had the unfortunate chance of being a victim of one sided love,” he shares.

“It all began with the title. Liquor and feelings combined is a trove of good material because that experience is highly relatable and the misery that goes with it makes the story all the more easy to tell.”

It’s this relatability and quirky story that instantly drew Maja into the project.

“Na-excite talaga ako [for this movie]. Unang basa ko pa lang nung script gustong-gusto ko na siyang gawin. Maganda siya! It’s something new and hindi mabo-bore yung mga tao,” Maja said.





“Hindi lang ako yung naka-relate sa character ko. Lahat ng tao makaka-relate sila dito. Dahil [at some point] na-experience nila yung na-experience ng character ko,” Maja added, describing her role as Carson, a young woman who has been pining for her best friend Dio played by Paulo.

Aside from the story, Paulo also thinks that the audience will easily connect with the film’s nostalgic setting.

“One of the reasons why I wanted to do this [project is because] the story is quite close to my heart. The setting [and being in college], reminded me so much of when I was studying. And the songs featured in the movie [adds tot hat nostalgic feel],” Paulo shares.

The film opens in cinemas nationwide starting today, February 15.

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