IVNFIL in Sharing Light and Hope with Award-Winning EP Song “Glass Shuttle”

IVNFIL (pronounced as Ivan Fil) was known to be an artist filled with various talents under his turf. In his young age, he has already accomplished many things in his career like no other kids his age can do. From doing song covers in his tiny studio, he grew to love making music and creating his own sound in the process. With his musically-inclined talent and lyrical intelligence, he was able to impress many audiences and different artists, commending his style and soul towards music. 

IVNFIL’s Music from his teens ’till today

IVNFIL was introduced to the public as an artist during his teen years. He was known to do cover songs from his favorite artists and post them on YouTube. While making music and performing on gigs, he was pursuing his studies and trying his best to balance everything on his hectic schedule. Thankfully, he was blessed with a supportive and loving family and friends; ready to make his dreams come true with him. 

YOUNG LUV (Male Ver.) by STAYC(스테이씨) | IVNFIL Cover

One of the most favorable feedback cover even from STAYC fans.

From cover songs, he was able to make collaborations happen with several fellow musicians and artists. He has collaborated with Wujiwuji band (for ‘지금도 널 생각해 I Still Think Of You) and on mars (‘Here To Try). IVNFIL was the feature artist of dulai for the song ‘Wonder,’ and recently with Korean artist, Runaverse for the delightful song, ‘Starlight.’ Fellow young Filipino producer, Carsian did a remarkable job remixing the song which made the collaboration extra special. 

Runaverse & IVNFIL – Starlight (Carsian Remix)  2023

Runaverse & IVNFIL – Starlight (Carsian Remix) | Official Lyric Video

✨Starlight (Official Lyric Video) Runaverse x IVNFIL ✨ 2023

✨Starlight (Official Lyric Video) Runaverse x IVNFIL ✨

IVNFIL continues to share his music to a bigger audience, internationally. He was known to be the music producer and co-composed the English/Korean song titled, ‘I Still Think Of You’ during the pandemic. His older brother, Ethan has co-written several songs and helps out as cameraman in all of his music videos; together with his younger sister, Yzabela ‘Zaby’ as his stylist, and notably has performed a contemporary ballet dancing in “To Come Home” mv.

to Come Home

  1. aori – ‘to Come Home’ Official MV

지금도 널 생각해 I Still Think Of You (feat. Wuji Wuji) 2020

  1. aori – ‘지금도 널 생각해 I Still Think Of You (Feat. Wuji Wuji)’ MV

“I get my inspiration from listening to various artists from different music genres from Eric Nam, Jon Keith, Mokita, and Owl City to name a few. I’ve always wanted to share my music with others as it’s one of the only ways I know how to express myself. I released my first few songs under the name ‘jr. aori’ during the Covid pandemic as it gave me time to hone my craft.” 

As his music started to reinvent itself, he launched his EP album called ‘CRXSSED OUT’ in 2023. The songs from the album displayed more of his experiences as a young artist and also, his creative side in giving various lyrical messages into his music. 

“I’ve decided to change my name to ‘IVNFIL’ coming from my real name Ivan and nickname Fil. My first release under IVNFIL is a mini album called ‘CRXSSED OUT’ (Crossed Out). A compilation of demo songs I wrote, consisted of my personal stories and reflections throughout the season I was in then. I didn’t expect these songs to connect and speak to me even more in the season I’m in now which is why I decided that now is the perfect time to release these songs. I hope these songs will speak to you as much as they did to me.” 

Xnly Trust


Ctrl Freak

You Say


New Album: “Glass Shuttle” winning the 2023 WorshipCollective.co @WorshipCollective.co Songwriting Competition

As his music prowess got stronger after the pandemic, IVNFIL never stopped making music and continues to be more involved in partnering with the Christian artists community. Recently, his lead single “Glass Shuttle” won the 2023 @WorshipCollective.co Songwriting Competition here in the Philippines. The song conveys a story of a person’s vulnerability, making his decision to turn his/her eyes to the One who is Constant and True. Since Glass Shuttle won the competition, a re-imagined version of the song together with Australian Worship Artist and talented producer, Luke Munns of The Lukas Band teams up with IVNFIL.

Tracks like ‘To The Sky’ and ‘When The Morning Comes’ will also be part of the mini album. The goal of this album is to bring you once again to the journey, coming from its last mini album ‘Glass Airline.’ 


Glass Shuttle’ is a continuation of a previous release called ‘Glass Airline’ which is set in the “Glass series” that I’ve created. The series has a visual imagery set in the future that speaks about an adventurous journey between man and God, telling stories and concepts that are inspired by Scripture to reveal and portray the timelessness of the Father’s heart for us.” IVNFIL said.

IVNFIL is currently part of the youth worship group named AWAKE84, where he shares his talents as part of the creative team, music producer and artist.  As he continues to share these talents for the world to see, IVNFIL’s goal is to truly glorify the Lord and make Him known through these songs he launches. We believe that we will see more of him in the near future and this is just the beginning of his odyssey as a musician and artist. 

You can listen to his music on Spotify, Apple Store and YouTube Music. Add his new EP album ‘Glass Shuttle’ to your playlist and follow IVNFIL on his social media platforms.