Jericho Rosales makes moms and netizens feel the Kilig-Linis with a dishwashing duet using Joy Expert Kalamansi

MANILA, Philippines – In case you missed it, Jericho Rosales was the talk of the town early this year because of a viral video he posted wherein he was washing the dishes, which left netizens in awe (and kilig) of the humble hunk. And now, he comes back with another one! Only this time, he is more confident to the point where he is able to perform a song number while doing the daily chore. Singing while washing the dishes? Believe it or not, that’s exactly what Joy Expert Kalamansi has gotten Echo to do.

Using Joy Expert Kalamansi with the power of Safeguard, Echo’s new video captures him singing with gusto and not breaking a sweat as he effortlessly cleans up a pile of dishes. Who would have thought that dishwashing can be such a kilig moment?

Of course netizens were quick to join him in the nakakakilig duet on Tiktok. Even celebrity moms Iya Villania-Arellano and Melai Cantiveros-Francisco, and Tiktok Influencers Sassa Gurl and Pipay Kipay didn’t pass up the opportunity to do a duet with Filipino celeb hunk. Let’s be honest, we would gladly wash the dishes if we get to do it alongside THE Jericho Rosales.

But what really makes Jericho and these other celebs sing and feel the kilig, is the new Joy Expert Kalamansi with the power of Safeguard that can effortlessly remove tough grease and 99.9% of germs and viruses even on your greasiest dishware! No need to worry about leftover grease or food residue on your dishes. No matter how greasy your kitchen wares are, you’ll have no trouble getting your cleaning chores done. Joy Expert Kalamansi guarantees you’ll feel the KILIG LINIS vibes just by seeing how clean your dishes are– and because of the power of Safeguard, you’re sure that they are 99.9% germ & virus free!

You too can feel that Kilig Linis! Dahil sa Joy Expert Kalamansi with the Power of Safeguard, isang hugas lang, tanggal sebo na–pati 99.9% germs at viruses ay tanggal rin! Let’s bring the KILIG into dishwashing. For that expert kilig-linis that you and your family deserve, trust only Joy Expert Kalamansi with the Power of Safeguard!

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