JG Summit, GBF and SAP tie up with DLSU-D to Help Shape the Leaders of Tomorrow

As automation and digitalization become a significant part of today’s workplace, there is a growing urgency to prepare the country’s future professionals with skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).


According to the World Economic Forum, 65 percent of learners entering grade school last year will be employed in future jobs that do not exist today. In contrast, 60 percent of the jobs created in this century will require STEM-related skills. 


While STEM is now part of the basic education in the country, especially among senior high schools offering this strand, much is still needed to gear up the next generation of professionals. 


Bridging the Gap

To help in bridging the gap, the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation (GBF) who is also supported by the JG Summit Holdings, Inc. CIT, signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the De La Salle University-Dasmarñas (DLSU-D) in a bid to strengthen their mission of equipping institutions that explore new methods of learning and information. 


This initiative aims to provide training and internship for DLSU-D’s teaching staff for practical application through the SAP University Alliances Program (SAP-UA), a global initiative that helps more than 3,500 institutes in over 113 countries to incorporate the latest SAP technologies into teaching. 


Under the MoA, at least 25 faculty and teachers at DLSU-D will undergo a training course on the SAP S/4HANA, a modern ERP system that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) for business processes in the cloud or on-premise. DLSU-D professors will also be invited for on-site training in JG Summit Holdings to experience SAP S/4HAHA on-hand, supporting them to educate next-generation talents with SAP skills for the intelligent enterprise and the experience economy. 


JG Summit CIO Carlos Santos said that, “SAP has been one of the biggest technology supporters of JG Summit Holdings. In today’s workplace, SAP skills have become an indispensable factor. Understanding SAP and mobility to work with it is vital. For many job positions today, such skills are mandatory. By helping the faculty, we also gear up the students with SAP skills through this program to help become globally competitive and get better jobs.” 


The SAP-UA will also provide opportunities for DLSU-UA to engage with SAP events, build industry collaborations, launch graduates in the SAP ecosystem, and inspire young thinkers. 


A dedication to the future

This initiative is sponsored by GBF, which has dedicated itself to contributing to the country’s progress by helping educate future professionals, particularly in the fields of science and engineering. 


 GBF Executive Director Grace Colet said, “As a family foundation, we are unique, especially with our sole mission for education. We believe that this focus is needed and the best way to impact a difference in the country. We believe that the best way to move our economy forward is to focus on STEM education. We are glad to work with like-minded organizations, who are one with us in this mission.” 


DLSU-D University Linkages Director Wilson Jacinto expressed his gratitude, noting that the project will help the university in fulfilling its mission of providing quality education for its students. 


Aside from DLSU-D, the SAP-UA program has been working with top universities in the country, including the University of the Philippines, Mapua Institute of Technology, Far Eastern University, University of Sto. Tomas, AMA Computer University, and Mapúa University, among others. 


SAP Philippines Managing Director Edler Panlilio said, “Today’s young generation is stepping in an era where technology is a key driver for growth. As a purpose-driven company, we at SAP, consider this collaboration with GBF, JG Summit, and DLSU-D as our way of helping gear up our country’s future leaders.” 

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