Just swipe right: New job search app matches employers with Tinder-like experience

Joblu Philippines

PHILIPPINES – Job seekers can finally bid farewell to the time-consuming and conventional job application and recruiting processes. Through Joblu, the newest job matchmaking platform in the market, job seekers now have the convenience of getting global opportunities in the palm of their hands. With Joblu’s advanced features, everyone can find the match of their dreams whenever they want and wherever they are.

While there are many job search and recruitment platforms, Joblu is an app like no other. It solves the same problems as other apps. It gives the same convenience of finding jobs or talents online. It helps streamline the job application and hiring processes as other platforms do.

“3 to 5 days lang tumagal ang job application process sa Joblu. Dati ‘pag nag-aapply sa ibang platforms, matagal, umaabot nang two months,” shares Hart Jello Martija, a 24-year-old Joblu user who got hired through the app.

(The job application process on Joblu lasted 3 to 5 days only. Prior to this, the application process took two months when I applied using other platforms.)

A person using the Joblu app

But Joblu is more than those things — this app gives you a journey you will appreciate every step of the way, thanks to its swiping feature. It provides a fast, fresh, and fun way of connecting with employers.

“During our interaction with thousands of students and young professionals over the years, we realized that job seekers couldn’t relate to the current recruitment process. The fact that we are still relying on resumes for the last 30 years or more was quite baffling. Therefore, we wanted to build a platform that feels more like a fun digital interaction and less like a dreaded chore,” says Abhii Dabas, founder & CEO of Joblu.

To find matches, users will have to swipe right if they like the job and swipe left if they don’t — yes, it works like a dating app!

“What I like most about Joblu is that it’s like a dating app. You just swipe right [if you like the job] and swipe left if you don’t. When you match with an employer, they will message you immediately. It’s simple and easy to use. Hindi siya gano’n ka-hassle [gamitin] unlike sa ibang platform na kapag clinick mo ‘yung apply button sa website nila, kailangan mo pang i-attach yung CV mo or ‘yung resume mo nang paulit-ulit,” adds Martija.

(What I like most about Joblu is that it’s like a dating app. You just swipe right [if you like the job] and swipe left if you don’t. When you match with an employer, they will message you immediately. Joblu is simple and easy to use, unlike other platforms where after you applied for a job on their website, you’ll have to attach your CV or resume repeatedly.)

Disrupting the Conventional Job Application System

Joblu is on a mission to break down barriers and make global opportunities equally accessible for all.

As part of Joblu’s commitment to helping fresh graduates and young professionals be career ready, the company has developed advanced features to fulfill its mission. One promising feature of the app is JobReels.

Joblu app JobReels

While providing an old fashion resume to recruiters is proven effective, there are plenty of innovative ways to boost the applicant’s odds of getting the job. This is where JobReel enters the picture. The feature enables applicants to creatively introduce themselves by recording a 30-second video. It makes the job application journey more enjoyable since the experience reminds you of using your favorite social media platforms. With this, job seekers gain a competitive edge over others because JobReels make their profiles more unique.

“We wanted to make the job search process more engaging and proactive where job seekers can create effective video profiles through JobReels to draw the attention of employers. Our candidate-first approach allows job seekers to truly express themselves and makes it easier for employers to assess a candidate based on their skills, personality, and preferences. This multi-dimensional engagement leads to better culture-fits on both sides,” shares Dabas.

Another feature Joblu takes pride in is the mock interview. This feature lets job seekers practice answering the most commonly asked interview questions, helping them prepare for the big day.

Joblu app

From an employer’s perspective, the JobReels feature allows companies to showcase their strengths, benefits, and work culture. Joblu also built the assessments feature so that recruiters can quickly evaluate applicants if they fit their needs.

Joblu is more than just a job search platform. It lets job seekers find careers they will love and a workplace where they feel comfortable, safe, supported and included.

Here are a few highlights about Joblu:

  • According to Philippine Statistics Authority, there were 2.68 million jobless Filipinos in the country in June 2022.
  • Since its soft launch in August this year, Joblu is continuously growing and has nearly 4,000 users composed of job seekers and employers across Southeast Asia.
  • Joblu is the first and only job seekers-first app that aims to connect fresh graduates and young professionals with top employers in various industries.
  • Job seekers can apply to over 3,000 jobs in Southeast Asia in many industries including IT, Hospitality, Marketing, Customer Service, and more.
  • Recruiters can find more than 4,000 job seekers on the platform across the globe.
  • Joblu has established university partnerships in and outside the metro to help employers build a long-term talent pipeline.