John Mc Earl’s Viral Graduation Speech Featured in Hiwaga

Almost 1 million views garnered by a scene from “Hiwaga”

Trixie Dauz 发布于 2017年3月19日

“Marami nga pong nag-PM at nag-alok ng tulong nung napanood ang video,” said the lead actor of the film Hiwaga, written and directed by Direk RCA. John is a talent of T3 Community Foundation, a multimedia company founded by Direk RCA which also aims to aid indigenous people. The writer-director said it has around 80,000 members and one of its biggest programs is Unlad Kabuhayan, which provided loans of PhP5,000 to small families payable in two weeks and they would just have to pay it with a very minute interest. The abovementioned graduation speech was actually just part of the film’s publicity stint and he was in character. It can be found at the Brando Gusi I Love and Life Blog Facebook page ( and has garnered 961,778 views as of writing.

John fondly looks up to Direk RCA as his mentor and discoverer, for he is a but a simple boy who hails from Quezon province like Amparo and studies at the Blessed Adelheid Academy, Inc. “Di ba po yung ibang director nakamonitor? Siya po ginawa niyang lahat…PA, assistant director…multitasking siya, hindi kagaya nung ibang direktor na nakaupo lang,” he said with conspicuous display of adulation. His mom shares her observation of Direk RCA’s commitment to the foundation. “He sometimes walks for 5 hours just to get to the tribal community which is a beneficiary of the T3 Foundation.”

The film is about Sabel (Donna Oredina), guardian of the necklace given to her by “sentinels of nature”, and her four children who are fated to be separated and reunited again to fulfill a covenant with the mystical inhabitants of Banahaw.

The film was shot for 2 weeks in March 2016 and Direk RCA made sure that he’s really hands on so that the finished product will be in sync with his vision. “Kung iaasa mo sa staff yung pagdidirek ng film, magmumukhang bagitong-bagito ang dating.” The characters of the four siblings in the film Lorraine,m John, Hannah, and Princess must overcome the judgement of the people around them who just trusts what their eyes show them literally.

Another main cast member of the film Czel Santiago (formerly known as Edsel Santiago) who will be part of Byron Bryant’s Sinandomeng, an entry in the 2nd Tofarm Film Festival. The film will screen starting March 29 in selected cinemas nationwide and also stars Jiane Abalos, Anne Catherine Cubelo, Michaella Torres, Joshua Dave Clemente, Althea Oredina, Tricia Pacap, and Sharaine Parce.

For tickets, one may proceed directly to the box office or contact T3ptcartistmanagement on Facebook to buy in advance.

Production Company: T3 Community foundation Inc.Writer-Director: Ricojohn Amparocc: Robert Silverio Christopher…

Trixie Dauz 发布于 2017年3月19日


”HIWAGA” Journey to the Mystery of Life A Film by SIR RCA

This film takes its roots from the song “Hiwaga” which awakens the senses, imparts morals, and tenders inspiration to those yearning for their parents, the abandoned, and the orphans who are searching for enlightenment. This masterpiece displays Filipino values as issues on environment, education, family, love, and spirituality are tackled. How were you forged and toughened by time? What is the extent of your faith? Can you fulfill a covenant? Sabel, a mystic healer from the Sacred Mountains, conjures power from an enchanted necklace given to her by “sentinels of nature” and water from a miraculous spring. Ironically, she’s able to minister to the needs of others, but helpless with her own malady and on her dying breath, left her children Lorraine, John, Hannah, and Princess with a promise. With her demise, her children were taken to Bahay Kalinga, an orphanage in Manila, where their faith were tested in several occasions. They knew that they will eventually be separated so they made a pact that they will someday reunite no matter what. True enough, they got adopted by people of diversified backgrounds. Painful as it was, they picked up their lives and learned to assimilate with their new families. After a decade, John returned to the Sacred Mountains much to the delight of the “sentinels of nature.” John met and fell for Angelica, who was in the company of hikers who infuriated the sentinels when they defiled the environment and ridiculed their guide. After experiencing bizarre incidents, the hikers realized their blunder, begged pardon, and atoned for their actions. Later on, John finished school as class Valedictorian. By some twist of fate, Angelica brought her friend Hannah, John’s long lost sibling, to the graduation ceremonies. Hannah didn’t immediately recognize John until he sings “Hiwaga,” the song taught to them by their departed mother. Their reunion was captured on video and went viral in social media. Princess, their youngest sibling who just returned from abroad, came across the video and immediately got in touch with John. They arranged to meet in his graduation party to surprise Hannah. The reunion of the siblings even became more emotional with the coincidental attendance of Lorraine, who was working for the catering company which hosted the party. As the saying goes, the right moment will come to those who are steadfast in hoping and believing. The four siblings separated by time and circumstances, were able to overcome challenges. That night, their destiny unfolded, they were reunited. This is ENIGMA, journey to the mystery of life!

Trixie Dauz 发布于 2017年3月19日

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