VIRAL: Kids arguing in Batangeño is cute and funny

Batangueno kids viral video
Batangueno kids viral video

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A video of three kids arguing against each other while showcasing their “batangeño” accent went viral.

The argument started when Ivan (middle) went to a James Alvin’s house to remind him for being noisy. While on the way to school, Ivan unreasonably punched Dranreb (right). After the incident, Dranreb asked for help to Kenneth (left) but he also unreasonably hit his friend that’s why in the end, Kenneth and Dranreb were the enemies.

The video drew mixed reactions from the netizens while others said its “cute” because of their batangeño accent while some commented that teachers should not allow them to argue and shout each other.

The video now has almost 80,000 views.