KIslap 2020 by Dulaang ROC [event]

This August 2020, Dulaang Rock Opera Company (ROC), the premier student theater organization from the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) will have a Season Opener entitled Kislap which aims to produce plays that highlight the use of one’s voice, and the need to listen to others’. This production will be the “spark” that would ignite and give a preview of the rest of ROC’s lineup of productions for the academic year.

This production aims to develop the skills of Dulaang ROC’s members and its participants in staging theatre productions, to showcase the culture of the organizations, and to celebrate the organization’s history by receiving help from its alumni. There are approximately 2000 students who are currently enrolled in the university and have access to the organization’s shows. In celebration of the 31st year of the organization, Dulaang ROC has the theme of Silakbo: Ang Panibagong Bugso which refers to an “outburst of unsaid emotions”.

In this production, Dulaang ROC will stage three plays. “Salamin”, written by Gabrielle Vicente, to be directed by Arantxa Domingo which tackles the thoughts of an incoming college freshman––her dreams, fears, and responsibilities. It talks about the struggle of one’s own voice influenced by different factors around her. The next play focuses on a prominent concern among young adults which is courtship. It is entitled “Never Say Die” written by Hazel San Buenaventura and will be directed by Luke Vicente. Last but not the least is “Project Perradice” written by a ROC member, Ria Manalese, and to be directed by a ROC alumnus, Luis Sumera. This play is set in a video game that explores a universal issue which is the corruptness of systems and organizations.

Due to the current situation that we are in, this production will be staged online through Facebook Live. Through these plays, Kislap aims to reach out to an audience of different ages and walks of life, to encourage self-awareness and expression, and to be sensitive to others’ needs.

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