Video shows how Shopee is helping Pinoys amid pandemic

As we persevered despite another year of the pandemic, there is no denying that the “new normal” has significantly changed the way we shopped. In the past couple of years, we eagerly embraced the world of online shopping, which left a big impact not just on our shopping carts, but also on our hearts.

For plenty of ordinary Filipinos such as Maricris Lorenzo, Biboy Bautista, and Jggigs Elmido, Shopee has completely transformed their lives. They each come from different walks of life and carry their unique Kwentong Shopee, but they all have one thing in common—hope. Here are three stories of how Shopee has helped shoppers, riders, and sellers rise above difficulties:

Suki buyer and wais mommy Maricris Lorenzo

After working as an OFW in Singapore for 10 years, Maricris Lorenzo and her husband decided to settle down and start their own family back in the Philippines. However, as the couple welcomed the birth of their first child and tried to navigate their way as new parents, they found themselves facing new challenges due to the pandemic.

Thanks to Maricris’ knack for resourcefulness, however, they continue to take good care of their child. Raising a baby can also be financially draining, but as a self-proclaimed wais misis, Maricris finds ways to get the best deals and value for her money. She admits that almost all of their basic essentials and baby needs are from Shopee. She was such a frequent shopper, she even went on to forge a strong friendship with her suki Shopee Xpress rider.

The rider offered their help when Maricris and her family contracted COVID-19 this past year. “Kung wala si Shopee, hindi ko alam kung saan ako kukuha ng mga items during those critical times of the pandemic especially nung nag-quarantine kami,” she said.

After getting sick, Maricris wisely utilized her finances and used Shopee’s cashback rewards to save on bills, which were beginning to pile up. Maricris also used ShopeePay so she can save money, maximize exclusive perks, and, since her family’s safety is a top priority, go cashless.

As she looks back on her experience, Maricris expresses her gratitude to Shopee for helping her find ways to save on her family’s expenses and find a lifelong friend during a crisis. “Salamat kay Shopee kasi nakakatipid ako. Salamat kay Shopee kasi nakaka-meet kami ng riders na parte na rin ng buhay namin.”

Passionate and resourceful pet store owner Biboy Bautista

E-commerce platforms provided opportunities for entrepreneurs to digitize, expand, and explore other businesses amidst the pandemic. After Biboy Bautista’s previous printing business shut down due to the pandemic, he opened Barkboi, a pet store which started as a humble dog food business in a small garage. He then took his business online, which grew to become a full-blown pet store with five branches in Las Piñas. Biboy calls it a stroke of luck since he didn’t expect his love for animals to turn into a booming business, especially during the pandemic.

However, the success didn’t come without challenges, the biggest of which happened during the second wave of the coronavirus last August. Biboy had to temporarily close shop after he and the majority of his employees contracted the virus. As a business owner, Biboy was aware of the responsibilities he had towards his employees, which included people who lost jobs due to the pandemic and undergraduate students who needed income to further their education. To make sure he could still support his employees, Biboy decided to focus on selling on Shopee while the rest of the team recovered.

After setting up his dream business from scratch and growing it exponentially within a year, Biboy believes that just giving up is not an option. As long as their Shopee store continues to flourish, Biboy says that’s all the strength they need to bounce back from the hurdles Barkboi has encountered. He tells his employees, “Basta Shopee natin maayos, sigurado tayo buhay tayo. Hangga’t may benta may pag-asa!”

Hardworking and dedicated Shopee Xpress rider Jgiggs Elmido

A Shopee Xpress rider faces many struggles—adjusting to routes and managing deliveries, to name a few—but they’re no match for Jggigs Elmido. As a father, husband, and student, he had to make ends meet in order to provide for his young family, give them the best future, and finish his studies.

After taking a break from school to take care of his newborn baby, Jgiggs worked as a Shopee Xpress Rider. Through his job as a rider, Jgiggs was able to reach milestones he had set for himself, such as buying his own phone and motorcycle, building his own home, paying for his studies, and supporting his family.

In just one day, Jggigs would attend class, spend time with his family, and deliver orders until the evening. He admits that raising a young family, being a rider, and pursuing a degree at the same time was stressful, but he proves to be one tough cookie that can’t be deterred. While achieving dreams is never easy, for Jgiggs, determination is key. “Lahat naman mahirap. Pero kung may gusto kang makamit, gagawan mo ng paraan.”

Jgiggs feels immensely grateful for the opportunity to become a good provider for his family. His flexible working hours as a rider allowed him to earn income to support his family, spend quality time with them, and finish his degree.

With his strong fighting spirit, Jggigs was able to graduate and proudly stand as the provider for his family. He concludes, “Ang laki ng utang na loob ko kay Shopee.”

Shopee has empowered its buyers, sellers, and riders to find a silver lining even in the toughest of challenges and say, “Salamat, Shopee!” What’s your Kwentong Shopee?

Watch Maricris, Biboy, and Jgiggs share their Kwentong Shopee by clicking on the play button.