levelED Up: Mobile Gaming Tournament [event]

levelED Up poster
levelED Up poster

by: Dbee Quema, Alexa Hugo, and Yeza Mariano

Life is like a videogame. If you keep meeting enemies, then you’re going the right way.”

For the past year, this pandemic has become a boss level challenge that strips many of us from experiencing a better year. When we could have been with our friends, we are stuck at home while praying for the safety of others. Nevertheless, humanity continues to strive in the face of this year’s challenge.

From meeting in each other’s homes for a game night, we find multiplayer games that we can play from our own homes. From the awkward new group chats as the school year began, we bond by bringing up a game for everyone to play. Where the live experience fails, our late night calls depend on these screams of frustration, the shing! of a sword, and the boom of a grenade to bring a semblance of fun. Online games are a seized opportunity for many to interact, once again, even at a distance. When that sluggish feeling grasps you, a small invite for a team game can bring you out of your boredom. When that impending loss comes close, a shout of encouragement over the mic can lead you to victory.

Online gaming has given us the privilege to learn about new worlds and to meet new people. Unfortunately, these values have become inaccessible to others. Most especially, the students who are unable to receive the need to not only understand the values of learning but also of being with others. With this in mind, it is KinaBOOKasan’s quest to be the magical potion and healing medicine these kids need. It is KinaBOOKasan’s mission to make sure they receive these values through the means of education.

In fact, this very struggle of disparity in accessibility was the driving force behind the formation of our organization. Founded on October 20, 2018, KinaBOOKasan was born as a collaborative effort between a student named Stefi Alabastro and a Marikina District officer, Stella Quimbo. In order to address the issue of quality education being a privilege inaccessible to some, youth-oriented projects were initiated. These initiatives shared the goal to help beneficiaries gain access to educational resources such as school supply kits and reading lessons. What started as a partnership with public schools in Marikina, in enhancing the reading comprehension and critical thinking skills of Grade 9-12 students, has grown into a capable initiative with a passionate family.

Similar to team-based games, no one should be left behind. At KinaBOOKasan, we see to it that every project and effort made is geared towards the achievement of our goals. With the power of books as well as the ideas enclosed in them, we aim to build a future that champions inclusive quality learning. Much like in video games, we look forward to the next challenge ahead. 

We acknowledge that books are not the only source of knowledge we have. In this day and age, playing video games is one of the most common pastimes for the youth. As the years go by, we are given a variety of games to choose from and to enjoy. While it may be seen as a problem, video games are a great way to entertain and to immerse oneself in a whole new world. Video games introduce us to many new characters — each with their own stories and life lessons, just like in books. There is a lot that can be learned through these games: the joys of winning, the lessons from failure, and the importance of empathy, especially amidst a pandemic.

With this in mind, KinaBOOKasan is hosting a mobile gaming tournament entitled, “levelED Up”, featuring two games: Call Of Duty Mobile and Mobile Legends. Through this tournament, we aim to raise enough funds to supply the students of Homeowners Association of Meralco Relocatees, Inc. P4, with necessary materials for school. We want these students to continue receiving the education they deserve, especially during these challenging times. In order for us to accomplish this, we would like to receive help as well. We want to offer this opportunity for you to help these students along with your friends.

The “levelED Up” Registration for both levels begins from August 31 to September 9, while late registrations for Level 2 will be held from September 14 to September 17, 2020. The gaming tournament itself will be held on the following dates. Level 1: Mobile Legends will be from September 11 to 13, 2020, while Level 2: Call of Duty Mobile will be from September 18 to 19, and September 25 to 27, 2020. Both levels of the tournament are open to groups of five players.

Players will also get the chance to win up to Php 15,000 worth of cash prizes, while being able to donate for a good cause.

For further updates, visit KinaBOOKasan’s Facebook page. Register NOW through levelED Up’s Facebook  Event Page! Get ready to level up!

If you would like to inquire about the organization and the event, you may check the following:

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