Linksys showcases smart Wi-Fi routers, indestructible cameras for businesses

Linksys and International Micro Village Inc (IMVI) executives
Linksys and International Micro Village Inc (IMVI) executives

MAKATI, Philippines – Linksys is once again targeting Small Medium Businesses (SMB) marketplace. Several new products were announced at an event held in Makati by International Micro Village, Inc. (IMVI). This includes seven new unmanaged switches, two new VPN Routers, and IP surveillance cameras. The event was attended by corporate planners, retail partners and resellers, and members of the local media.

Present at the event was Jaimohan Thampi, Head of Networking BU for International Markets for Belkin International, which recently acquired Linksys from Cisco Systems, Inc. He talked about the evolution of networking from its inception in 1988 up to the present. Currently in its 25th year of wireless innovation, they are bringing back a Linksys heritage: the WRT Router. He also showed the target market segment chart.

The new smart Wi-Fi routers can be accessed online through the web interface and mobile application. Both iPhone and Android support is provided by the mobile app. OpenVPN is fully supported and information can be stored in the cloud, allowing businesses owners to view and administer the system.

This was followed by Salvador Buan Calma, Technical Product Manager for Linksys, who discussed Linksys’ SMB product strategy: “Connect—Unify—Empower” and how it focuses on scalability, among others.

Calma also presented Linksys Smart Business Infrastructure Solutions such as desktop switches, gigabit VPN routers, and different security cameras.  He showed how to install and use their products, the unique features and highlighted their advantages, comparing it to the competition. He wowed the audience by demonstrating the indestructible and water-proof nature of the IP surveillance cameras. Businesses with offices in different locations will be pleased to know that a web interface allows real-time viewing of the camera feed.

The new VPN routers are also equipped with features such as dual-WAN load balancing and WAN failover support. This means that businesses can increase reliability by subscribing to multiple telcos. When one goes down the router will automatically the next available connection.

Linksys offers the freedom of choice with a wide variety of networking and security products for small and medium businesses. The scalable nature of Linksys products makes it the perfect solution as it grows with your business.

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