Logitech SALE: Up to 40% off gaming mice, headset

Making time to relax and unwind is important when you work long hours from home or at the office. Playing your favorite video game is a great way to indulge in much-needed me-time, release stress, and unwind. It also gives you the opportunity to hang out with friends and fellow gamers, albeit virtually.

The right gear can help elevate your gaming experience as well as your performance, assuring you of a truly fantastic time. With the best gaming accessories, you can also better appreciate your game’s graphics, visuals, and overall gameplay. Check out these incredible products from Logitech G that make great additions to any gaming setup.

1. Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse

Depending on the type of game you play, and the kind of gamer you are, you may want to explore different configurations on your mouse buttons beyond the default settings. Doing this can allow you to set up convenient one-button triggers for commands or actions that would typically require multiple clicks, and browsing though menus.

With 9 programmable controls and programmable lighting, the Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse can be customized to suit your needs and preferences. Designed for comfort and durability, it’s balanced shape makes it ideal for both left and right-handed gaming. With on-the-fly DPI shifting, you can easily toggle between precise and speedy movements with just one click. Eight times faster than a standard mouse, this USB gaming mouse captures commands as quickly as you make them.


2. Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Mouse cord cramping your gaming style, but worried that you might not get the accuracy, speed, and stability that you desire from a wireless mouse? The G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse
is your best bet.

Designed for pro gamers and esports professionals, this gaming mouse is equipped with the next-gen Hero 25K gaming sensor that provides unparalleled speed and accuracy. With removable buttons, you get to decide how many left and right buttons you want, from zero to four on each side. Lightsync RGB allows you to customize the appearance of this mouse, and synchronize it with other G products.

3. Logitech Pro Gaming Headset

Hearing everything around you is just as important as the ability to see in a game. This is especially true for games where failing to detect anything or anyone sneaking up behind you could be fatal. It is also important to hear and be heard clearly when playing as part of a team.


The Logitech Pro Gaming Headset is designed to deliver a pro-level gaming experience, allowing you to hear every shot, footstep, and ability within your game. With its pro-grade microphone, your teammates can hear you loud and clear for excellent communication. It is built to last using durable aluminum and steel, with soft memory foam earpads that offer supreme comfort for extended gaming sessions.

Eyeing an upgrade? The best time to treat yourself to a gaming gear upgrade is on March 15-17, 2021, during the Logitech Brand Day Sale at Logitech Official Store on Shopee. Here are the amazing deals that you can look forward to at the sale:

  • Discounts of up to 40% on featured products
  • Free shipping fee with a maximum amount of 50 Pesos
  • A 50-Peso voucher for a minimum purchase of 1,500
  • A 150-Peso voucher for a minimum purchase of 2,500

To learn more, visit and follow the Logitech Official Store on Shopee or check out the Logitech website and official Facebook Page.

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