Maja Salvador and Joseph Marco for Wildflower

It’s their first time to be together as a loveteam. Maja is excited to what they can offer in their tandem, the chemistry they have. Joseph finds it interesting to work with Maja. At the moment, they are still getting to know each other. When asked what the sexiest part of each other’s body, Maja’s response was the smile of Joseph, on the other hand Joseph chose the eyes of Maja.


Joseph Marco
Joseph Marco
Maja Salvador
Maja Salvador

They discovered from each other was Maja’s simplicity (walang arte) while Joseph’s skill in baking. They also had bonding workshop to be open and remove the walls to each other that they became comfortable with each other.


What kind of flower are each other? Maja described Joseph as Chicharon Bulaklak, (masarap pero masakit sa batok) while Joseph chose Sunflower because every time he sees Maja, she brightens up his day.


If Maja would compare  herself with Ivy, after the storms of her life she knows how to build herself and make her life whole again. But what sets apart from Ivy was Maja can forgive even though those people who hurt her did not ask for forgiveness.


In reality, women should always be ready to defend themselves because for Maja whatever a guy can do, a women can also do it as long as they are willing to learn and do it.


Ivy is ready with her plans with Julio, Emilia and everyone but what she was not prepared was the challenge of love. Will she be destroyed by love in all the plans that she prepared?

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