Malaysia and Singapore Travel Luxury

Great Events Happening in Singapore and Malaysia

For the past decade, I've visit  and Malaysia several times. Its cool to experience the yearly Formula1 and MotoGP here back and forth.  With side trip to discover hidden restaurants and cultures.  Like one of the best cruising destinations in Asia. 

While Im touring around Malaysia, I saw several riders on convoy riding Big Bikes from Singapore. I told myself I wanna do those cross country touring sometime. Not only in motorcycle but also using supercars on its big highways. Before watching those races back and forth to feel the thrill as well as to add spice to action hollywood lifestyle. 

That you're really part of the race – a need for speed or target to break. Those crazy rich asians lifestyle I wanna put and fullfill in my travel  bucket list. I remember Jlo and John legend rock the crowed. And how I enjoyed the victory party in Zookout club after sport extreme challenge a decade ago.   

As the center and cool venue for great international events. Growing Asian Tiger economy which attracts foriegn investments. Sky rocketing towers and building with the use of superb technology.  Which makes it unique, exciting and memorable to visit over and over again.

Who knows I might do again another business venture or retire at the age of 40 here. I like to See or consider other Asian property investment ventures here at Park Riviera SG and Park 51 Residency MY. To add spice into exciting astig business leisure life.