Manolo vs Jane vs Vickie: who will get evicted?

Manolo, Jane, and Vickie of Pinoy Big Brother All In
Manolo, Jane, and Vickie of Pinoy Big Brother All In

It’s going to be an exciting race to the finish line in “Pinoy Big Brother All In” as the remaining housemates strive to prove themselves and face difficult challenges with their sights set on joining this season’s Big Four.

The remaining housemates have faced an emotionally tough week after Manolo, Daniel, Jane, and Vickie were supposedly evicted from the house via different tasks and face-to-face eviction, which meant to bring out their true colors and feelings about each other. Unbeknownst to Joshua, Loisa, and Maris, the other four “evicted” housemates are just living in a secret part of the PBB house.

While the other three try to figure out what’s next for them, Manolo, Daniel, Jane, and Vickie are set to undergo another series of challenges to save themselves from getting ultimately evicted and return to the house. The first challenge they had to accomplish was putting out the candles that Joshua, Loisa, and Maris were tasked to protect, which was won by Daniel.

Who else among Manolo, Jane, and Vickie will be able to return to the PBB house, and who will battle for public votes for the next actual eviction on Sunday (Aug 10)? How are the remaining housemates going to balance friendship and their dreams in order to make it to the Big Four?

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