Mapúa University Mr. and Ms. Senior High School 2017

Mapúa University Mr. and Ms. Senior High School event poster
Mapúa University Mr. and Ms. Senior High School event poster

One title.
One crown.
Only the best shall inherit.

The Mapúa University Senior High School Student Council proudly presents the most bewitching, the most haunting, and certainly the most magical display of both beauty and brains any Halloween event would be ashamed to compare itself to.

This annual display of exemplary qualities of a true-blooded Senior High School Mapúan popularly known as the Mr. and Ms. Senior High School pageant is set to be held this on December 13, 2017 (Wednesday), which will officially start at 1:00PM at the Mapúa University Gymnasium, open to everyone. Witness as the candidates showcase the culture and festivities of the pearl of the orient.

Considered to be one of the most anticipated events of the year, the Mr. and Ms. Senior High School pageant is a platform for the determined, the bold, and the confident dedicated in their mission to not only stupefy the onlookers, but to also inspire their fellow Senior High School Mapúans to action, a voice that can materialize out of obscurity and reach into the hearts of the Senior High School Mapúan community.

And this year, with 32 candidates set out to fill that very role, a head that will fit the magnitude of the crown and all it entails, were chosen by undergoing a very rigorous and selective process that only the candidates who were able to exude confidence poised with elegance and grace were given the very privilege to join this illustrious event. The candidates were asked to do a sample runway walk, after which they were faced with one question, which was randomly selected, and were asked to state their take on the matter in front of the panelists who graded and ranked them accordingly.

As papers were arranged and the list of candidates were finalized, the young hopefuls were then faced with the general rehearsals in preparation for the pageant, also a chance for them to mingle with other participants enabling with them to form bonds as well as share the gift of unity. The participants had to memorize choreography to both the official runway walk and their special number to be unveiled during the night of revelation.

Apart from the much-awaited getups and looks the candidates have in store for the audience, the event is now also made more exhilarative by the wave of sponsors who came to support and help this pageant become more memorable. See the list below and try not to gasp as even prominent entities come up in the list:

Are you all hyped up yet? Well, that much is expected, because this event is guaranteed to leave even a man of his word breathless and gasping for the right words; an event of glamourous proportions where only the best and nothing else can reach the top, where the crown and the title await the new king and queen, one made of guts, grit, and confidence, one that can swear by the mission that comes with the crown. The question remains, can the candidates make it to the top?

What: Mapúa University Mr. and Ms. Senior High School event poster
When: December 13, 2017
Where: Mapúa University Gymnasium