Maxene Magalona interview: ‘Dream Dad’ and career plans [video]

Maxene Magalona Dream Dad interview
Maxene Magalona Dream Dad interview

In this video interview, Maxene Magalona talks about her latest show “Dream Dad”, as well as her career.

“I want to grow as an artist. I want to explore, gusto ko pang gumawa ng mas marami pang roles at mas makatrabaho ko ang mas maraming artista [I want to take more roles and work with more artists] … for a chance of scenery”

Since you do are not tied to a contract are you open to working with other production companies and networks?

“Para sa akin [For me] I want to focus muna dito sa ABS (referring to Dream Dad) pero [but] in the future syempre, work is work … blessing pa rin yan [those are still blessings] … para naman sa akin [for me] ever since as long as the script is good the role is good and the show is good talagang hindi ako tatanggi, gagawin ko [I will not decline, I will do it]”