Metrobank snags Major Awards in the 2017 FMAP Awards

Metrobank Financial Markets Team Bags Major Awards in FMAP Awards
L-R: FMAP President Deanno Basas, From Metrobank Treasury Group Bettina Bautista , Miki Sakaki,Metrobank Senior Vice President and head of Markets Sales Group Jikee Reyes , National Treasurer Rosalia de Leon, BSP Deputy Governor for Supervision and Examination Chuchi Fonacier, from Metrobank Markets Sales Group Kael Pasimio , Bea Yatco and Gab Liboro.

The Fund Managers Association of the Philippines (FMAP) recently awarded Metrobank as the #2 Best Fixed Income House for 2017. Four individuals from the Bank’s Financial Markets Sector were also recognized in the Fixed Income category: Kael Pasimio, Markets Sales Group, 2nd place, 2017 Best Fixed Income Salesperson; Miki Sakaki, Treasury Group, 2nd place 2017 Best Fixed Income Trader (Foreign); Bettina Bautista, Treasury Group, 2nd place, 2017 Best Fixed Income Trader (Local); and Anton Yap, Treasury Group, 2nd place, 2017 Best Fixed Income Strategist.

The FMAP awards are split between two main categories: Equities and Fixed Income. Metrobank placed in five out of the six awards in the Fixed Income category, the most of any financial institution.

The FMAP is an organization composed of local equity and fixed income fund managers with the primary mission of helping uplift the investing public economically through the practice of professional fund management that adheres to ethical standards and recognized practices globally.

As the country’s premier universal bank, Metrobank has the largest domestic network with over 950 branches and over 2,300 automated teller machines (ATMs) nationwide, and 32 foreign branches, subsidiaries and representative offices. Call the Metrobank 24/7 Customer Hotline at 8700-700, or log on to for inquiries. .