Mika Manikan launches her EP

When Mika Manikan witnessed the passing of her father, actor Spanky Manikan, in early 2018, she decided that life was too short and too beautiful to fade into the cacophony of her personal anxieties. Making sense of her realizations through song writing, she began working with music producer and guitarist, Kurvine Chua, whom she had met two years prior in art school. Together, they formed the indie synthpop music project .wendil.

The name “.wendil” is derived from the German name which means “to wander”. The period at the beginning of the project name symbolizes the end of something. “I like to think that things happen after the end.” Mika shares with a knowing sparkle in her eye.

Exploring themes of isolation, healing, self-love, rebellion and hope through her music, she is scheduled to release her first EP (extended play), entitled “Nighttime Fire” this May 24, Friday, 8:00 PM at Mow’s QC with performers Twoshiba, Tall Ice Lung, Memoryville, Pamcy, U-Pistol, and Ourselves the Elves.
Included in the EP are six tracks including her released single “Maturity”, which is currently available on Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, Soundcloud, and other streaming platforms.

“The title ‘Nighttime Fire’ was born from quiet moments at night that keep you awake, alone and alive,” shares Mika. “They’re not literal fires though. Sometimes they’re the headlights of a passing car, or the neon flickers of the wee hours of the Manila streets. Most of the time they’re the memories carried by the cigarette smoke that tends to surround my house. They’re the red and blue glare of the sirens that haunt my periphery, their voices reminding me of how fleeting and beautiful life can be. They are quiet signs, but they mean the most to me at this point in time. They keep me feeling, and they keep me breathing.”

Tickets, artwork, and physical copies of the EP are available at the gate starting 7:00 PM. For more information, please contact .wendil’s label at the Genjitsu Stargazing Society page on Facebook or Instagram.

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