Mila’s Lechon featured on Karen Davila’s ‘My Puhunan’

Mila's Lechon owner Nena Cesario
Mila's Lechon owner Nena Cesario

MANILA, Philippines – Broadcast journalist Karen Davila details how the owner of La Loma, Quezon City’s oldest lechon house grew her business and rebuilt her life after getting bankrupt tomorrow (October 8) in “My Puhunan.”

Nena Cesario put up Mila’s Lechon in 1968. Now known as the “Reyna ng Loma” due to Mila’s Lechon’s popularity, Nena started the lechon house with an initial capital of P700, but it has since expanded into branches in different locations in Luzon.

In “My Puhunan,” Nena also shares how she got out of bankruptcy after a family friend swindled millions of pesos from her.

Mila started selling food on the streets when she was younger in the Quezon province.

“I would walk kilometers wearing worn out sandals, no kidding,” she shares.

Don’t miss “My Puhunan” tomorrow (Oct 8), 4:30 PM on ABS-CBN.