A Minute of Exercise A Day, Why Not?

Every new year signifies a new start, a new beginning, a new slate on anything and everything about life and it’s many facets.

Just recently, we were invited to a WellNess event and at the same time to welcome the Lunar Chinese New Year of the Metal Rat. We found our self headed down to Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo, Manila on CNY day and as expected, lots of people and we mean a whole lot co-celebrating with our Chinese brothers and sisters.

I was welcomed at the very famous King Chef restaurant by busy blogger-friend and Trendspotting’s Ralph Huertas. He and wife Michelle are the founders.  A couple of celebrity fitness coaches were the special guests. They were in the middle of their wellness lecture when I arrived in a room-full of fellow lifestyle bloggers.

Spearheaded by Novuhair, nature’s answer to hair loss together with Pambansang Fitness Coaches Jim & Toni Saret, shared how to achieve renewed wellness this 2020. The husband-wife coaches reiterated that by setting smaller goals, it decreases the chances of being overwhelmed, giving yourself a higher chance at achieving what you are aiming for.

I have been friends with Coach Jim and Toni for several years since I became an active runner almost 10 years now and they truly imbibe this Fitspiration image that anything is possible in fitness as long as you are determined to fulfill the goals set for it to happen. Their fitness journey alone is highly-impressive and inspiring!

Both coaches engaged all of us on variation of 1-minute workout that anyone is capable of doing without claiming that they don’t have the time, when in actuality, we spend more time on our cellphones and social media and hardly have time to reflect and meditate, as observed by Coach Toni. I am guilty as charged!

Coach Jim stated that for the first 30 seconds, one can do a simple modified squat exercise by standing and sitting on a chair. And for the next half a minute, another popular exercise, the modified jumping jack can be done without having to jump at all. That for me was a new discovery and will also try it at home. Starting a new day with proper exercise sets our mind in proper perspective and our bodies in optimized working condition.

Also addressed several issues on hair loss connected to fitness and nutrition which they will be sharing with everyone on several activities planned throughout the year. By now, people must be aware that hair loss is very much connected to nutrition and fitness which is sadly neglected by many and busy schedule is blamed for it.

After the informative lecture and exercise demo, it was time for us to partake of the dimsum feast by King Chef which consisted of  soyed wanton, bean curd roll, hakaw, bird’s eye dumpling, pork dumpling, chicken feet, asado siapao, and buchi among many others. Coach Jim and I have never seen this many dimsum right before our eyes! It was really Kung Hei Fat Choi food prosperity galore! Diet was not an option on a CNY!

Photo Above by: Cie Cisneros

This Chinese New Year event complemented Novuhair’s advocacy of wellness which jump started its partnership with Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso as one of their endorser who in turn donated his talent fee to the displaced victims of Taal Volcano Eruption.  Thank you so much for your kind heart, dear Yorme! Bless you more.
Too bad I missed seeing Mayor Isko inside the mall as he and other officials went around the city in a motorcade to celebrate the Year of the Metal Rat.

This year 2020 is also a significant year for me for I turn the BIG 5-0 considered as a huge milestone! They say 50 is the new 40 and this is one of the best times to really take good care of my health for me to reach a 100 years old which is my age goal! And as someone who has been featuring and covering fitness and wellness happenings for many years, it’s also time to resume and bring those those exercise routines I had been doing in the past few years like regular jogs around UP Diliman and QC Circle, and minimizing intake of too salty, fatty and oily food.

Having to bear this in mind from dear friends, Coach Jim and Toni the wellness mantra to “Believe in yourself, You got nothing to Lose”.

Xie xie….to Novuhair and Ralph & Michelle for having us! Doh sia Coach Jim and Toni Saret for the informative (as always) fitness mini lecture that even just for 1 minute, we can exercise our bodies to a fitter and healthier kind of life!

To get more wellness tips and know more about Novuhair’s wellness initiatives, follow their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NovuhairOfficial/.