Mobile eSports Betting Could Boost Popularity of the Nationals

Sports betting has a long tradition and a thorny history in many countries, so many that it’s not unreasonable to think gambling has always had a role to play in sport, even if it’s an unsanctioned one.

It’s hard to find a major sport that doesn’t have a dedicated pool of fans who like to wager on their favorites in an effort to predict the path of the season based on their own analysis of the game. That’s why it’s reasonable to expect that expanding the availability of esports betting could help the popularity of a variety of events, including the nationals.

Engaging New Audiences

There are good reasons to think that allowing existing fans a path to betting will increase their participation in events, including the attention they pay to the nationals when they roll around.

That’s not the only way that sportsbooks can help professional athletes, though. They also provide a new path for marketing the sport to audiences, bringing it to the attention of dedicated gaming enthusiasts looking for a new challenge. This expands the potential audience considerably, including people who might never find their way to the sport otherwise.

Fostering Rivalries

There are a fair number of gaming enthusiasts who bet to win, viewing their play as the primary game and the sport itself as a puzzle to figure out by learning its intricacies and observing the behavior of its participants. There are also a lot of people who bet their teams because it feels good to win when your people win, and for them, the opportunity to put their money into their favorite rivalries can help a sport out in every country where it’s popular.

For that to work, international sports betting needs to be more widely accepted, and sportsbooks that accept Philippines players need to be able to expand into other markets where those teams play.

Raising Funds for Public Works

In the United States, very few states have legalized betting on sports. This is due in large part to the federal ban on sports gambling that was in effect until relatively recently. Since its end, the industry has expanded into seven states, including one that has made sports gaming part of its lottery system.

Companies popular in other markets vie for the right to the administrative contract, and the bulk of the proceeds from the program re-enter the state as budget funds, providing an income path that doesn’t depend as directly on the tax base.

The appeal of this program to those who wish to reinvest in their communities also helps to drive participation, which in turn drives interest in the related sports, and a similar phenomenon could give a boost to the esports nationals locally.

Increased Sponsor Involvement With Teams

Esports teams are an expensive endeavor, and the economic participation from investors and sponsors that allow them to continue needs to be justified with revenue. Luckily, the revenue per viewer is increasing year on year, and that increases the economic support from those who see a new sport as an opportunity.

If sportsbooks are allowed to participate in the marketplace and offer odds on esports events, the increased attention and viewership helps strengthen this virtuous circle, leading to more publicity as more investment in the events helps them to grow. It’s not a direct relationship, but it is still a vital one for long-term growth.

A Bright Future for International Esports

Electronic sports have been growing in popularity globally because of the ease of access for viewers and the wide diversity of game genres represented in professional competition.  Increasing its prominence is the key to bringing in viewers, and for that, the games need to support all the activities that have made traditional sports enjoyable for a wide variety of fans.

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