Motolite Introduces ResQ App; Supports A Collegiate Volleyball Team

Driving on the road has its perks and lows. Situations and concerns come and go. But how can we manage if and when the vehicle’s battery calls in for an extra look?

Most local motorists have come to rely on Motolite’s Express Hatid when it comes to car battery problems. Just a call to Motolite’s hotline number and a knowledgeable mechanic-on-wheels will be at your location at no time.

But what if it’s more than just battery problems? Enter the Motolite RES-Q app. Free to download from the App Store and Google Play, the Motolite RES-Q app is Motolite’s way of giving motorists the peace of mind that when it comes to car troubles, someone always has their back.

Over the years, Motolite has been hands on in helping their customers and it hasn’t changed since. With the launch of the Motolite RES-Q App, their product and service really embodied their “Pangmatagalan” kind of service. Here are 7 reasons why you should download the Motolite RES-Q App today.


Motolite RES-Q App is the country’s first App-based roadside assistance service, easily accessible with just a few clicks on your mobile device.

Motolite RES-Q App has Round-the-Clock Support. It is Motolite’s way of giving motorists the peace of mind that when it comes to car troubles, someone always has their back.

Motolite RES-Q App has All-in-One Roadside Assistance for flat tire, a dead battery, empty tank or overheating.

Motolite RES-Q App gives trustworthy and reliable roadside help, a first of its kind in the Philippines. 

Motolite RES-Q App has Real-time locating system. You can monitor the location and ETA of the authorized service rider-technician for added peace of mind. 


Motolite RES-Q App service fee is FREE of charge if your vehicle has a Motolite battery installed.

Minimum Charge Fee for Non-Motolite battery users who will avail of the services. Just remember, it does not include fees for radiator coolant, fuel, and car battery purchase.

Launch the app and with just a few clicks, help is on the way. It’s that easy. What’s more, the Motolite Res-Q app allows you to see the profile of the RES-Q Rider coming to you, track exactly where he is in real time, and rate them based on the services rendered.

With the Motolite RES-Q app, motorists and passengers alike will no longer have to worry about car troubles disrupting their schedules especially when they are rushing to work, school, attending an important meeting, or even driving out of town.

“It’s at the heart of Motolite’s branding to guarantee a worry-free driving experience to our clients especially in Metro manila,“ Motolite Vice-President Ricky Chan said. “And to do this means addressing the more common problems they may face on the road and the Motolite RES-Q app is one way to achieve that objective of giving our customers that ‘peace of mind’ while on the road.”


Chan adds that if you have a Motolite battery installed in your vehicle, the RES-Q service will be free of charge. Motorists will only pay for the new battery or in certain cases, coolant or fuel, and they can pay by cash or by credit card.

Motolite is more than just a brand that Motorists trust when it comes to their vehicles, they have been great in supporting our local athletes and partnership with the Ateneo Lady Eagles Volleyball Team is a perfect match as it aligns with the brand’s vision of helping Philippine sports.

It has been well documented that Motolite has been a staunch backer of motor sports, billiards, basketball, and of course boxing, having supported multiple time world champion and now Senator Manny Pacquiao even when he was just a fledgling young boxer out of General Santos City.

Motolite Supports the Ateneo Women’s Volleyball Team 

This sponsorship has boosted the morale of the Motolite-Ateneo Lady Eagles in the ongoing Premier Volleyball League as shown by their 10-3 win-loss record. They have shown dominance in this conference despite having a relatively young roster.
The Motolite-Ateneo Lady Eagles have showed dominance the entire conference despite having a relatively young roster behind the inspired plays of UAAP Season 80 Best Setter Deanna Wong, Kat Tolentino, Maddie Madayag, Team captain Bea De Leon, Ponggay gaston and rookie Vanessa Gandler.


Coach Almadro has also been very grateful about how Motolite’s support of the team has truly inspired the players and the coaching staff.

This is proof that the Philippines’ undisputed leader in automotive, motorcycle, and industrial batteries has every Filipino’s good at the heart of Motolite’s branding.


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