MSI GTX 970 / GTX 980 Gaming NVIDIA-powered GPU

MSI GTX 970 GTX 980 GeForce Nvidia GPU
MSI GTX 970 GTX 980 GeForce Nvidia GPU

MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATED) MSI is pleased to announce its next generation of GAMING graphics cards powered by NVIDIA’s new GTX 970 and GTX 980 GPUs. The new GTX 970 GAMING 4G and GTX 980 GAMING 4G build on the enormous legacy of MSI’s #1 position in Gaming graphics cards.

Kept cool by the all-new Twin Frozr V with Hybrid Frozr technology, the new MSI GTX 970 and GTX 980 GAMING cards provide new standards for low-noise and low-temperature Gaming graphics.

Besides the GAMING series, MSI also provides Classic models to just meet the requirements of great performance.

Twin Frozr V Thermal Design

The new MSI twin Frozr V Thermal Design is the pinacle of Graphics Card air cooling. With a smaller than 2-slot design the new Twin Frozr V is able to surpass previous generation’s by a large margin. The new 10cm Torx fans ensure huge amounts of silent airflow and visually match the bold new look of the Twin Frozr V.

MSI Twin Frozr V thermal design
MSI Twin Frozr V thermal design


The heatsink itself is re-organized through the SuperSU design which increases heat-pipe efficiency, especially when combined with Airflow Control Technology. Hybrid Frozr is a throwback to 2008 when MSI was the first to market high-end, zero noise graphics cards thanks to fans that stop spinnin in low-temperature situations.

Additionally, you will find Independent Fan Control on certain models which allows fans to spin independently of one-another based on component temperature below the fans.

MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G and GTX 980 Gaming 4G

With the GTX 970 GAMING 4G and GTX 980 GAMING 4G the next-generation of MSI GAMING Graphics Cards MSI is levelling-up the PC Gaming experience. The MSI Gaming App allows gamers to quickly switch between OC, Gaming and Silent modes depending on thier needs.

New, is the EyeRest tab, which gives quick access to specific monitor color profiles for Games, movies and a special EyeRest mode which reduces blue light. Reduction in blue light emission helps tune your body to the night-time so it’s easier to rest after long gaming sessions.

The best things in life are free

For a limited period, all MSI GTX 970 GAMING 4G GTX 980 GAMING 4G will come with an exclusive MSI GAMING mouse pad bundled for free inside the box. The MSI GAMING mouse pad has a thick rubber base for extra comfort and no unexpected slipping and the cover materials is a fine micro-textured surface for smooth mouse travel and excellent mouse sensor response.

MSI GTX 970 / GTX 980 technical specifications

GPU GM204-200 (Maxwell) GM204-400 (Maxwell)
Core Clock (Base/Boost) MHz) 1140 / 1279 1190 / 1291
Memory Speed 7010 MHz
Memory size / type 4096 MB / GDDR5
Cooling Twin Frozr V
Connectivity DL-DVI-I/DL-DVI-D/HDMI/DisplayPort DL-DVI-I/HDMI/3xDisplayPort
Dimensions 269x141x35 mm 279x140x36mm

Price and availability

The MSI 970 Gaming 4G is now available in the Philippines for 20,950 PHP at the following authorized MSI resellers: BF QuestLogic, Cebu Appliance Center, Davao Futurebright Enterprises, Dynaquest PC, Lasortech, Nutech, PC Configure, and PC Options.

We will keep you posted on the availability and SRP of the MSI N980 Gaming 4G.