MSI OLED monitors now come with 3 years burn-in warranty

QUEZON CITY, Philippines – MSI, a leading manufacturer of gaming hardware, is addressing a major concern for gamers with its new 3-year burn-in warranty for its latest QD-OLED monitors. This warranty, coupled with the company’s advanced “OLED CARE 2.0” technology, aims to alleviate worries about permanent image retention, a common issue with OLED displays.

“While OLED panels offer stunning visuals and exceptional performance, the potential for burn-in has held some gamers back,” said [Name], [Title] at MSI. “Our 3-year burn-in warranty and OLED CARE 2.0 technology demonstrate our commitment to delivering cutting-edge displays with peace of mind.”

MSI OLED CARE 2.0 utilizes features like Multi-Logo Detection, Taskbar Detection, and Boundary Detection to dynamically adjust pixel refresh rates and prevent static content from causing burn-in. This comprehensive approach goes beyond typical warranties, offering gamers significant protection for their investment.

The 3-year burn-in warranty applies to all of MSI’s current QD-OLED models, including the MAG 271QPX, MAG 321UPX, MAG 341CQP, MPG 271QRX, MPG 321URX, MPG 491CQP, and MEG 342C. Additionally, MSI is offering a special promotion where customers who purchase a new QD-OLED monitor can receive a $100 Steam voucher.

With its innovative technology and extended warranty, MSI is setting a new standard for OLED gaming displays. This move is likely to be welcomed by gamers who have been hesitant to embrace OLED due to burn-in concerns.