MSI R9 Nano 4G: 6-inch high-end graphics card for Mini-ITX rigs

MSI Radeon R9 Nano
MSI Radeon R9 Nano

MANILA, Philippines – MSI is pleased to announce the availability of the revolutionary AMD R9 Nano. With the introduction of MSI R9 Nano 4G, MSI add a new high-end graphics card to the heavily awarded AMD R9 product line.

Compatible with both Intel and AMD platform, the AMD R9 Nano graphics card is AMD’s most innovative and advanced GPU to date to integrate on-chip High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM), delivering 60% more memory bandwidth over GDDR5 and a 4096 bit memory interface for incredible new advances in power and efficiency.

Just 6 inches in length, its revolutionary small form factor makes it become the ultimate GPU for Mini-ITX PC supremacy. No graphics card has ever packed so much performance into such a small form factor.

The AMD R9 Nano 4G and the MSI Z170I GAMING PRO AC are the perfect combination to build an extremely compact yet very powerful gaming machine.

Despite its measurements, this motherboard packs a ton of gaming features including DDR4 Boost, Audio Boost 3 and MSI GAMING LAN. It is no longer necessary to settle for anything less than high-end hardware for a portable gaming system.

The MSI R9 Nano 4G graphics card is engineered for 4K and VR gaming, including DirectX® 12, OpenGL® 4.5 and VulkanTM API support, and ultimate monitor configuration flexibility. Expand your field of view with AMD Eyefinity technology. With the use of a DisplayPort MST Hub, up to 6 monitors can be used for gaming simultaneously. Gamers can also experience buttery smooth 4K gameplay with FreeSyncTM-enabled monitors.
Performance Control by MSI Afterburner

When used with MSI’s exclusive Afterburner overclocking utility, gamers can control the MSI R9 Nano 4G core clock speeds for better performance in the latest games. It is also equipped with advanced fanspeed control based on GPU temperature, giving optimal acoustic performance.

MSI Afterburner supports the video capturing function Predator and can even be used on smartphones to monitor and control the graphics card in desktop computers. Combined with the Kombustor burn-in testing feature, MSI Afterburner is an indispensable tool for everyone looking to get the most out of their graphics card. Visit the recently refreshed MSI Afterburner website.

Be ready to push your game play to the max and achieve scorching fast frame rate at ultra settings by adding up to four GPUs with AMD CrossFire™ multi-GPU technology, all in an unprecedented 6-inch, small form factor graphics card.

MSI R9 Nano 4G technical specifications

GPU AMD Radeon™ R9 Nano
Processors 4096 Units
Core Clock 1000 MHz
Memory Size / Type 4GB / HBM
Speed / Bus 1000 MHz / 4096 bit HBM
Outputs HDMI, 3x DisplayPort
Power Consumption 175 W
Card Dimensions / Weight 154 x 112 x 40 mm / 671g