NCCC Ties up with TraXion to boost progress of Mindanao Cooperatives

Davao-based supermall New City Commercial Center (NCCC) has inked a deal with local blockchain company TraXion to further boost the development of cooperatives in Mindanao region.

Through the NCCC’s Ka Partner program, cooperatives will be given perks and advantages as well as trainings from NCCC on how to manage their enterprises. TraXion will serve as technology provider for this program.

“Combining our knowledge and experience in the retail industry with that of the expertise of Traxion in leading-edge technology, and the goal of providing excellent service to reach the grassroots, we have partnered to make a project that can impact our fellow Filipinos,” TraXion CEO Ann Cuisa explained.

The said program is comprised of KoopKicks, KoopMart, and Ka-Coop Card.

Traxion CEO Ann Cuisia and NCCC CEO Lafayette Lim

Ka-Coop Card provides the benefits such as reduce cost of handling cash loans, online-real time credit line management, contribute data to their member’s credit score and digital, seamless, cashless shopping. The card comes with QR code.

Under the KoopKicks, NCCC  funds and supports an aspiring entrepreneur from the cooperatives. Meanwhile, KoopMart provides supplies and system to the cooperatives.

“NCCC believes that real community development should start in the grassroots. Along with Traxion’s vision of serving the underserved, NCCC aims to place this particular sector in the frontline of technological advancement,” NCCC CEO Lafayette Lim said.

The program eyes to onboard at least 550,000 cooperative members.